PHStocks Exclusive: Top 50 Stocks for March

Business background. Market Analyze. Forex.PHStocks has compiled a list of the top 50 gainers for the month of March 2013. The percent growth is based on the closing prices of stocks on February 28 and March 27.

1. Filipino Fund Inc. (PSE: FFI): PhP23.45, +95.42%

2. Touch Solutions Inc. (PSE: TSI): PhP19.20, +35.21%

3. Sta. Lucia Land Inc. (PSE: SLI): PhP1.11, +33.73%

4. Bankard Inc. (PSE: BKD): PhP1.23, +32.26%

5. ATN Holdings Inc. “B” (PSE: ATNB): PhP1.17, +24.47%

6. Universal Robina Corporation (PSE: URC): PhP113.00, +19.20%

7. ATN Holdings Inc. “A” (PSE: ATN): PhP1.14, +16.33%

8. IP Converge Data Center Inc. (PSE: CLOUD): PhP4.55, +15.78%

9. Global-Estate Resorts Inc. (PSE: GERI): PhP2.32, +15.42%

10. LT Group Inc. (PSE: LTG): PhP17.84, +14.65%

11. Philippine Savings Bank (PSE: PSB): PhP137.00, +14.64%

12. Nickel Asia Corporation (PSE: NIKL): PhP24.00, +13.21%

13. International Container Terminal Services Inc. (PSE: ICT): PhP92.10, +12.32%

14. Semirara Mining Corp. (PSE: SCC): PhP267.40, +12.26%

15. Robinsons Land Corporation (PSE: RLC): PhP25.50, +12.09%

16. Maybank ATR Kim Eng Financial Corporation (PSE: MAKE): PhP29.35, +11.17%

17. Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (PSE: RCB): PhP70.00, +11.11%

18. Pacific Online Systems Corporation (PSE: LOTO): PhP15.48, +10.57%

19. Manila Water Company Inc. (PSE: MWC): PhP40.00, +10.19%

20. First Abacus Financial Holdings Corp. (PSE: FAF): PhP0.86, +8.86%

21. TKC Steel Corporation (PSE: T): PhP1.76, +8.64%

22. Trans-Asia Oil and Energy Development Corp. (PSE: TA): PhP2.29, +8.53%

23. Alliance Select Foods International Inc. (PSE: FOOD): PhP2.07, +8.38%

24. JG Summit Holdings Inc. (JG Summit, PSE: JGS): PhP42.50, +7.59%

25. D&L Industries Inc. (PSE: DNL): PhP6.99, +7.54%

26. Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (PSE: MPI): PhP5.58, +7.31%

27. Calapan Ventures Inc. (PSE: H2O): PhP4.50, +7.14%

28. Philippine Realty & Holdings Corporation (PSE: RLT): PhP0.53, +7.07%

29. SM Investments Corporation (SMIC, PSE: SM): PhP1115.00, +6.80%

30. Paxys Inc. (PSE: PAX): PhP2.87, +6.69%

31. Globe Telecom Inc. (PSE: GLO): PhP1200.00, +6.67%

32. Liberty Telecoms Holdings Inc. (PSE: LIB): PhP2.50, +5.93%

33. Vantage Equities Inc. (PSE: V): PhP2.70, +5.88%

34. Alliance Global Group Inc. (PSE: AGI): PhP21.15, +5.75%

35. COL Financial Group Inc. (PSE: COL): PhP20.45, +4.98%

36. iPeople Inc. (PSE: IPO): PhP11.00, +4.76%

37. Lodestar Investment Holdings Corporation (PSE: LIHC): PhP0.91, +4.6%

38. Alsons Consolidated Resources Inc. (PSE: ACR): PhP1.38, +4.55%

39. Atlas Consolidated Mining and Development Corporation (PSE: AT): PhP22.45, +4.42%

40. Concrete Aggregates Corporation “A” (PSE: CA): PhP64.50, +4.03%

41. Manila Electric Company (PSE: MER): PhP326.60, +4.01%

42. Far Eastern University Inc. (PSE: FEU): PhP1220.00, +3.83%

43. Bank of the Philippine Islands (PSE: BPI): PhP110.00, +3.77%

44. SPC Power Corporation (PSE: SPC): PhP4.82, +3.66%

45. EEI Corporation (PSE: EEI): PhP13.10, +3.64%

46. IRC Properties Inc. (PSE: IRC): PhP1.25, +3.31%

47. Cebu Air Inc. (PSE: CEB): PhP68.00, +3.03%

48. Security Bank Corporation (PSE: SECB): PhP182.00, +3%

49. Coal Asia Holdings Incorporated (PSE: COAL): PhP1.04, +2.97%

50. Minerales Industrias Corporation (PSE: MIC): PhP6.59, +2.97%

3 thoughts on “PHStocks Exclusive: Top 50 Stocks for March

  • Joel P, Smuya

    Yeah, good question from comment # 1, how you came up with this ranking, what was your primary source of information? is it from BROKER itself?

    WelL anYway, nice information to US, keep up the good work

    • PHStocks

      Thank you, Joel.

      The source of data is actually the Philippine Stocks Exchange.


  • Ronin

    May I know how you came up with this ranking?


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