PHStocks Exclusive: Top 50 Stock Price Gainers in 2Q14

Manila—(PHStocks)—We recently posted the top 50 stock price performers in July and the crème de la crème, the strongest performers for the three months running.

This post, meanwhile, features the top 50 stock price performers in the second quarter of 2014.

They are as follows:

Sinophil Corp. (PSE: SINO): PhP1.61, 387.88%

Da Vinci Capital Holdings Inc. (PSE: DAVIN): PhP2.80, 180%

Pancake House Inc. (PSE: PCKH): PhP62.00, 179.28%

Central Azucarera De Tarlac (PSE: CAT): PhP89.10, 178.43%

Southeast Asia Cement Holdings Inc. (PSE: CMT): PhP2.50, 129.36%

Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc. (PSE: IMI): PhP6.10, 97.4%

Starmalls Inc. (PSE: STR): PhP6.50, 85.19%

Concepcion Industrial Corp. (PSE: CIC): PhP51.00, 83.45%

Nickel Asia Corp. (PSE: NIKL): PhP36.00, 82%

Now Corp. (PSE: NOW): PhP0.68, 78.95%

Keppel Philippines Properties Inc. (PSE: KEP): PhP5.00, 78.57%

Top Frontier Investment Holdings Inc. (PSE: TFHI): PhP152.70, 71.67%

Ionics Inc. (PSE: ION): PhP0.71, 69.05%

Manila Bulletin Publishing Corp. (PSE: MB): PhP0.85, 60.38%

Seafront Resources Corp. (PSE: SPM): PhP2.82, 59.3%

Chemrez Technologies Inc. (PSE: COAT): PhP5.62, 57.87%

Macay Holdings Inc. (PSE: MACAY): PhP41.70, 57.36%

Coal Asia Holdings Inc. (PSE: COAL): PhP1.24.00, 56.96%

Crown Equities Inc. (PSE: CEI): PhP0.138, 56.8%

Arthaland Corp. (PSE: ALCO): PhP0.305, 56.4%

Omico Corp. (PSE: OM): PhP0.59, 55.26%

Medco Holdings Inc. (PSE: MED): PhP0.34, 53.85%

Century Peak Metals Holdings Corp. (PSE: CPM): PhP0.89, 50.85%

ATN Holdings Inc. “A” (PSE: ATN): PhP2.82, 50%

Alsons Consolidated Resources Inc. (PSE: ACR): PhP2.05, 48.55%

ATN Holdings Inc. “B” (PSE: ATNB): PhP2.92, 48.22335025

Oriental Peninsula Resources Group Inc. (PSE: ORE): PhP2.25, 47.06%

Philex Mining Corp. (PSE: PX): PhP12.56, 45.7%

Benguet Corp. “B” (PSE: BCB): PhP10.20, 41.86%

Vitarich Corp. (PSE: VITA): PhP1.00, 40.84%

Dizon Copper Silver Mines Inc. (PSE: DIZ): PhP8.60, 38.7%

Benguet Corp. “A” (PSE: BC): PhP10.20, 37.65%

APC Group Inc. (PSE: APC): PhP0.84, 35.48%

Liberty Telecoms Holdings Inc. (PSE: LIB): PhP2.22, 33.7%

Keppel Philippine Holdings Inc. “A” (PSE: KPH): PhP5.99, 33.1%

Sta. Lucia Land Inc. (PSE: SLI): PhP0.85, 32.8%

D&L Industries Inc. (PSE: DNL): PhP10.90, 31.17%

United Paragon Mining Corp. (PSE: UPM): PhP0.013, 3%

Premiere Horizon Alliance Corp. (PSE: PHA): PhP0.465, 29.17%

Swift Foods Inc. (PSE: SFI): PhP0.154, 27.27%

Trans-Asia Oil and Energy Development Corp. (PSE: TA): PhP2.47, 25.38%

Marcventures Holdings Inc. (PSE: MARC): PhP5.10, 23.8%

Manila Mining Corp. “B” (PSE: MAB): PhP0.021, 23.5%

Transpacific Broadband Group International Inc. (PSE: TBGI): PhP2.75, 22.2%

PetroEnergy Resources Corp. (PSE: PERC): PhP6.82, 21.79%

Roxas Holdings Inc. (PSE: ROX): PhP6.80, 21.21%

8990 Holdings Inc. (PSE: HOUSE): PhP7.90, 20.06%

Apex Mining Co. Inc.(PSE: APX): PhP4.26, 20%

Millennium Global Holdings Inc. (PSE: MG): PhP0.48, 20%

Cebu Air Inc. (PSE: CEB): PhP57.30, 19.5%

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