PHStocks Exclusive: Top 50 Best Performing Stocks in April 2016

Manila—(PHStocks)—We have yet to see the real impact of the recent elections in our country’s stock market. Over the past few days, however, the Philippine Stock Exchange index has seen pretty strong finish owing to the relatively fast, credible and peaceful national elections on May 9. Market observers meanwhile expect the euphoria to taper in the next few days as investors are expected to pocket their gains. Again, it remains to be seen.

For the meantime, below is the list of the top 50 strongest performing stocks for the month of April.

1. Now Corp. (PSE: NOW): PhP3.19, 190%

2. ISM Communications Corp. (PSE: ISM): PhP2.20, 61.76%

3. Araneta Properties Inc. (PSE: ARA): PhP2.28, 45.22%

4. Trans-Asia Petroleum Corp. (PSE: TAPET): PhP3.60, 44%

5. Asiabest Group International Inc. (PSE: ABG): PhP14.18, 32.52%

6. Island Information and Technology Inc. (PSE: IS): PhP0.37, 32.14%

7. ATN Holdings Inc. “A” (PSE: ATN): PhP0.38, 28.81%

8. ATN Holdings Inc. “B” (PSE: ATNB): PhP0.375, 25%

9. Ginebra San Miguel Inc. (PSE: GSMI): PhP15, 25%

10. Vitarich Corp. (PSE: VITA): PhP0.88, 22.22%

11. Philippine Realty & Holdings Corp. (PSE: RLT): PhP0.56, 17.89%

12. San Miguel Pure Foods Company Inc. (PSE: PF): PhP205, 17.82%

13. Bright Kindle Resources & Investments Inc. (PSE: BKR): PhP1.59, 17.78%

14. Makati Finance Corp. (PSE: MFIN): PhP4.23, 17.5%

15. Philippine Seven Corp. (PSE: SEVN): PhP115, 15%

16. Yehey! Corp. (PSE: YEHEY): PhP5.41, 13.65%

17. Discovery World Corp. (PSE: DWC): PhP1.76, 13.55%

18. Arthaland Corp. (PSE: ALCO): PhP0.26, 13.04%

19. Concepcion Industrial Corp. (PSE: CIC): PhP48, 11.63%

20. Century Peak Metals Holdings Corp. (PSE: CPM): PhP0.69, 11.29%

21. Prime Media Holdings Inc. (PSE: PRIM): PhP1.62, 10.96%

22. Global Ferronickel Holdings Inc. (PSE: FNI): PhP0.93, 10.71%

23. Puregold Price Club Inc. (PSE: PGOLD): PhP40.20, 10.44%

24. Coal Asia Holdings Inc. (PSE: COAL): PhP0.53, 10.42%

25. A. Brown Co. Inc. (PSE: BRN): PhP1.15, 9.52%

26. Asian Terminals Inc. (PSE: ATI): PhP11.58, 9.04%

27. Filinvest Development Corp. (PSE: FDC): PhP5.45, 8.57%

28. Liberty Telecoms Holdings Inc. (PSE: LIB): PhP3.84, 7.87%

29. Cosco Capital Inc. (PSE: COSCO): PhP7.94, 7.3%

30. STI Education Systems Holdings Inc. (PSE: STI): PhP0.61, 7.02%

31. Phoenix Petroleum Philippines Inc. (PSE: PNX): PhP4.73, 7.01%

32. Alliance Select Foods International Inc. (PSE: FOOD): PhP0.80, 6.67%

33. Philweb Corp. (PSE: WEB): PhP23.50, 6.58%

34. Vulcan Industrial & Mining (PSE: VUL): PhP1.31, 6.5%

35. Manila Electric Co. (PSE: MER): PhP343, 6.19%

36. iPeople Inc. (PSE: IPO): PhP12, 5.82%

37. Philex Mining Corp. (PSE: PX): PhP5.91, 5.72%

38. Splash Corp. (PSE: SPH): PhP2.60, 5.69%

39. Manila Bulletin Publishing Corp. (PSE: MB): PhP0.58, 5.45%

40. Medco Holdings Inc. (PSE: MED): PhP0.60, 5.26%

41. Petroenergy Resources Corp. (PSE: PERC): PhP3.90, 4.84%

42. Emperador Inc. (PSE: EMP): PhP7.94, 4.75%

43. Crown Equities Inc. (PSE: CEI): PhP0.135, 4.65%

44. BDO Leasing & Finance Inc. (PSE: BLFI): PhP2.98, 4.56%

45. Philippine Estates Corp. (PSE: PHES): PhP0.255, 4.51%

46. Lopez Holdings Corp. (PSE: LPZ): PhP7.31, 4.43%

47. Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc. (PSE: RRHI): PhP77, 4.05%

48. Bank of the Philippine Islands (PSE: BPI): PhP90.50, 4.02%

49. Solid Group Inc. (PSE: SGI): PhP1.15, 3.6%

50. Victorias Milling Company Inc. (PSE: VMC): PhP4.89, 3.6%

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