PH Stocks Show Resilience

Manila—(PHStocks)—Despite the continuing economic crises in the eurozone, the Philippine capital market showed its resilience. The bellwether Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) index gained 0.52% to close at 5,193.84 points on Tuesday, 26 June. The wider all-share index managed remained stable, pulling a slight 0.29% gain on the back of continued optimism in the country’s economic resilience, and growth.

However, the Financials, Mining and Oil, and Property indices retreated slightly after gaining a few points last week and the day before. The Services sector led the sub-indices today, pulling in a 1.5% growth.

Trading volume reached 1.44 billion, valued at PhP4.82 billion. There were 76 gainers against 80 losers, while 42 stocks remained flat.

Below are the top gainers for the day:

1. MJCI Investments Inc. (PSE: MJIC): PhP7, +34.62%

2. Manila Jockey Club, Inc. (PSE: MJC): PhP2.59, +17.73%

3. F & J Prince Holdings Corporation “A” (PSE: FJP): PhP2.74, +9.60%

4. ATN Holdings Inc. A (PSE: ATN): PhP2.58, +7.95%

5. A Brown Company Inc. (PSE: BRN): PhP2.78, +6.92%

6. Paxys Inc. (PSE: PAX): PhP3.07, +6.60%

7. Polar Property Holdings Corporation (PSE: PO): PhP4.44, +6.22%

8. Philex Petroleum Corp. (PSE: PXP): PhP43.15, +6.02%

9. Arthaland Corp. (PSE: ALCO): PhP0.178, +5.95%

10. LMG Chemicals Corp. (PSE: LMG): PhP1.69, +5.63%

11. ATN Holdings, Inc. “B” (PSE: ATNB): PhP2.69, +5.49%

12. Anchor Land Holdings Inc. (PSE: ALHI): PhP24.95, +3.96%

13. SPC Power Corp. (PSE: SPC): PhP5.5, +3.77%

14. Petroenergy Resources Corp. (PSE: PERC): PhP6.2, +3.33%

15. Liberty Telecoms Holdings, Inc. (PSE: LIB): PhP2.8, +3.32%

16. Globe Telecom Inc. (PSE: GLO): PhP1,115.00, +3.24%

17. Premiere Horizon Alliance Corporation (PSE: PHA): PhP0.33, +3.13%

18. Republic Cement Corporation (PSE: RCM): PhP8.45, +3.05%

19. Bankard, Inc. (PSE: BKD): PhP0.7, +2.94%

20. DMCI Holdings Inc. (PSE: DMC): PhP56.7, +2.90%

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