Semirara Partners with Toshiba and Kansai

SEM-Calaca Power Corp. (SCPC)—a subsidiary of Semirara Mining and Power Corp. (SMPC) (PSE: SCC), recently signed a technical consultancy contract with Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corp. (Toshiba ESS) and Kansai Electric Power Co. Inc. (Kansai) in Osaka, Japan.

SMPC is the only vertically integrated energy company in the Philippines that mines its own fuel source—coal. It supplies electricity to the Luzon grid, which is known to experience thin reserves during the summer season because of higher demand and forced outages of multiple plants.

Under the 14-month contract, Toshiba ESS and Kansai will look into and provide technical services to the two power plants of SCPC, and propose technical solutions to improve the availability, operations, and maintenance of the said facilities.

The strong growth of the Philippine economy has been driving domestic electricity demand, which highlights the need for stable power plant operations and power supply.

“Drawing on years of expertise in developing and manufacturing power generation equipment, our new partners can provide services that shall improve the value of our power plants,” said Maria Cristina C. Gotianun, SMPC President and COO.

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