PHStocks Exclusive: Top 30 Biggest Decliners in 2017

We have just published the top 30 strongest stocks for 2017. In case you haven’t seen it yet, you can check it out here.

Meanwhile, here’s the list of the top 30 decliners in 2017. Most of these stocks are strong, and over the previous year may have seen increases and drops in stock prices. It may have just been that some may have experienced profit taking, which is why they posted lower stock prices compared to the previous year. (The list is based on stocks’ closing prices at the last trading day of the year versus those of the previous year.)

Without further ado, below is the list of the top 30 decliners in 2017.

  1. Imperial Resources Inc. (PSE: IMP): PhP2.64, -82.95%
  2. Semirara Mining and Power Corp.  (PSE: SCC): PhP36.80, -71.69%
  3. Philab Holdings Corp. (PSE: DNA): PhP3.74, -58.9%
  4. Cemex Holdings Philippines Inc. (PSE: CHP): PhP4.88, -56.04%
  5. Nihao Mineral Resources International Inc. (PSE: NI): PhP1.51, -46.64%
  6. Dizon Copper Silver Mines Inc. (PSE: DIZ): PhP7.10, -42.65%
  7. Apex Mining Co. Inc. (PSE: APX): PhP1.55, -40.84%
  8. IRC Properties Inc. (PSE: IRC): PhP0.74, -40.8%
  9. Lodestar Investment Holdings Corp. (PSE: LIHC): PhP0.69, -38.39%
  10. Mabuhay Holdings Corp. (PSE: MHC): PhP0.305, -36.46%
  11. Victorias Milling Co. Inc. (PSE: VMC): PhP2.98, -35.22%
  12. Holcim Philippines Inc. (PSE: HLCM): PhP10.78, -34.67%
  13. Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines Inc. (PSE: PIP): PhP2.15, -33.64%
  14. Concrete Aggregates Corp. (PSE: CA): PhP60.00, -33.33%
  15. United Paragon Mining Corp. (PSE: UPM): PhP0.0067, -33%
  16. Island Information and Technology Inc. (PSE: IS): PhP0.141, -32.86%
  17. Phinma Petroleum and Geothermal Inc. (PSE: PPG): PhP2.02, -32.67%
  18. Abra Mining & Industrial Corp. (PSE: AR): PhP0.0022, -31.25%
  19. Coal Asia Holdings Inc. (PSE: COAL): PhP0.31, -31.11%
  20. Vulcan Industrial & Mining (PSE: VUL): PhP0.78, -30.36%
  21. Xurpas Inc. (PSE: X): PhP5.57, -30.29%
  22. Philex Mining Corp. (PSE: PX): PhP6.06, -29.53%
  23. Phinma Corp. (PSE: PHN): PhP8.40, -28.81%
  24. Lopez Holdings Corp. (PSE: LPZ): PhP5.60, -28.21%
  25. Philweb Corp. (PSE: WEB): PhP7.64, -27.92%
  26. Alliance Select Foods International Inc. (PSE: FOOD): PhP0.62, -27.06%
  27. Marcventures Holdings Inc. (PSE: MARC): PhP1.78, -26.75%
  28. Phinma Energy Corp. (PSE: PHEN): PhP1.57, -26.29%
  29. Max’s Group Inc. (PSE: MAXS): PhP18.60, -25.6%
  30. F & J Prince Holdings Corp. “B” (PSE: FJPB): PhP5.60, -25.33%

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