We are nearing the close of 2012. So far, the Philippine stock market has grown from strength to strength. There were, of course, cyclical periods; but the downs are just compensated by the ups and more ups that follow them.

When I started providing recaps of the PSE index performance for the day, it was the week ended 27 January 2012, wherein the all-shares index posted a 0.99% gain to end at 3,168.91 points, and the bellwether Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi) closed at 4,679.89, up by nearly 1.48% (on-week). The very next month, a milestone for the year was achieved when the PSEi breached the 4,800-point mark by closing at 4,822.08 on 2 February.

Over the next months, the PSEi achieved record upon record, reaching the 5,000-mark; 5,200; 5,300; 5,400; on and on.

Yesterday, 26 December, the PSE index yet again made history by reaching 5,832.83 points – this is up by nearly 25% from January figures.

Of course, investors are in the market for the profit. As such, these periods of ups always come with the investors cashing in on their gains; which is just fine. They always come back to further grow the capital markets anyway. Today, 27 December is no different. After the record 5,832.83 points yesterday, investors bled the market for their gains. The PSEi closed at 5,794.89 points, down 0.65%.

Well, that’s just fine as well. Friday, 28 December, would be the last trading day of what came to be PSE’s banner year 2012. The market will be closed on 31 December in celebration of the New Year.

The decline today can be recovered tomorrow. I hope before 2013 comes, 2012 would have another record highlight. Well, there’s plenty of time to recover tomorrow. The 5,900-point mark is 105.11 points away. It’s a tall target, but I think it would definitely be a proper send-off for 2012 to hit this mark.

Below are the gainers for the day:

The top losers:

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