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World Blockchain Hackathon announces The Babylon Project

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, July 25, 2020 – (ACN Newswire) – World Blockchain Hackathon announces The Babylon Project, a 3-day virtual blockchain hackathon expected to attract more than 3000 participants and some 200 teams from 50 countries. Babylon lifts off at 7:00 AM PDT on Friday, October 9, for 72 hours of magic, concluding with a judging and awards ceremony where winning teams will pitch and raise prizes. Application for the Babylon Project is open, and will close on September 30.

Babylon, from its history, is what many consider to be the cradle of civilization, the first time a complex societal structure came into existence by bringing together different people under one common vision. The mission of the current Babylon Project is to unite, engage, and empower blockchain builders of all skill levels from around the globe to imagine and create new and never-before-seen blockchain end products.

The broadest vision of the World Blockchain Hackathon is a future ecosystem in which blockchain innovations become the standard backbone for impenetrably secure, fast-moving, intelligent global technologies of all kinds, from private and public industries in finance, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, and telecommunication, to government operations, national defense and beyond.

The World Blockchain Hackathon series has been held for three years running, organized by a team of California blockchain evangelists. Adding to the excitement at this year’s Babylon Project Hackathon, the strong potential for hackers’ innovations to attract venture capital. “Silicon Valley VC firms and other international investors are actively participating in the judging for the stated purpose of assessing fresh blockchain investments,” said Gideon Nweze, founder of the World Blockchain Hackathon collective.

The hackathon is 100% community funded. We’re establishing a strong foundation for a decentralized blockchain future through #BUILDING & value creation across the globe. Early partners include Africa Blockchain Institute, BitTemple, Blockchain Acceleration Foundation, Blockchain Chamber of Commerce, GVA Capital, InvestShow, Wiase Capital, UniDAO, Blockchain Center Miami, ChickTech, AIHUB, BlockLeaders, Domineum, XR-Labs, Village and more, as listed on the website.

The Babylon Project is committed to supporting emerging and diverse leadership in the crypto space. 80% of Babylon Project staff are of underrepresented backgrounds, further solidifying the our dedication to amplifying minority voices in the crypto & blockchain community. The Babylon Project is a blockchain protocol agnostic and community focused hackathon. Participation is free and open to organizations with aligned vision.

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World Blockchain Hackathon : Educate, Empower & Elevate!
Jean Lombard |
Head of Communications | The Babylon Project | October 9 -11, 2020
The Babylon Project : Learning blockchain development skills, building a global developer community.

72 hours of Magic
– The Babylon Project will cover latest Blockchain technologies, research, applications, and development.
– Workshops, panels & mentorship by top experts will help you learn more about this amazing technology.

Prizes, Funding, Networking & Employment Opportunities
– Partner prizes will be won, investors to be spoken to and recruiters looking for global talents.

Solo or Teams, Certificates of Participation
– Single participants can find or create a team in the discord channel before the hackathon starts.
– Participants can attend in teams. A team should have 10 participants (max) & 4 participants (min).
– All participants will receive verifiable and lifelong certificates that will be recorded on a public blockchain.

Mentors and Partners
– If you are interested in becoming a mentor, partner or sponsor, please feel free to write us.
– Mentorship is an integral part of our hackathon and could change the lives of our attendees.

Diversity and Inclusion
– The Babylon project believes that uniting genders, races, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and/or gender identity will provide a unique experience, and result in breaking barriers in the workplace.

100% free Participation
– Participation is 100% free to all attendees. Applicants must apply at the World Blockchain Hackathon website.
– Selected applicants will receive participation email from us and invitations to join the private Discord channel.
[Tickets from 3rd party websites such as Eventbrite are not valid and do not guarantee participation]

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