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Smart Digital Retail Philippines is going physical

 We are excited to announce that the 2023 Edition of Smart Digital Retail will be hosted on February 23rd, 2023 in SMX Convention Center Manila. You can expect to see even more senior profile delegates, more refreshing discussions and discover all redesigning business plans, processes and new technologies that will unlock new ways of running a retail business in the Philippines.

The retail sector in the Philippines has been facing challenging times in the study period, which worsened due to the sudden COVID-19 pandemic. The majority forms of physical retail, including supermarkets and convenience stores, hypermarkets, specialty stores, department stores, and other small and medium store owners around the country, are facing challenges owing to the lockdown and physical distancing measures. Due to the fear of contamination, the state of Philippine retail, and the global economy as a whole, is entering a time of both hope and uncertainty. As countries continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been a concerted push to return to “normal.”

To mitigate the disruption caused by this crisis, Philippine retailers need to have a window of opportunity to reinvent their customer experience to meet consumer expectations. Technology is a vital tool that will enable businesses to enhance engagement through both online and physical channels. The transition will require a shift toward a more fully integrated technology ecosystem that can evolve future value propositions. Retailers are already recognizing the importance of technology to their operations, but fully seizing the opportunity will require a distinct retail strategy that incorporates greater partnership collaboration and investment in emerging tech.

This event will cover the redesigning business plans, processes and new technologies that will unlock new ways of running a retail business in the Philippines. Key topics including:

– Consumer behavior change
– Retail performance in the Philippines
– Digital commerce and omnichannel
– Overcoming disruption for resilient supply chains in the future
– The new retail experience through technology
– Retail stores: a shift to digital, experiential shopping
– New approach to workforce empowerment
– Contactless Payments & Autonomous Shopping
– Exploring the Philippine BNPL landscape
– The rise of chatbots and voice commerce
– AI, robotics, and VR will soon dominate retail: welcome to retail 2.0
– Metaverse for the future of retail

With Smart Digital Retail Philippines, we will be looking at the challenges that are impacting the Philippine retail industry to create improved consumer experiences and more efficient creation. That said, this where all the leading retail companies and technology innovators meet and brainstorm in creating a sophisticated product development and present practical solutions that enable retailers and brands to stay relevant in these difficult times, connect with decision makers and enable the creation of new business opportunities.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of the biggest event in the Philippine retail ecosystem! Witness how we gather all of the leading experts in the industry and share their thoughts and insights with very timely topics.

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