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Seven Stars unlock their extraordinary ability to earn a US Green Card in 6-months of 2023

Amongst the hardships caused by the Green Card backlog, especially for Indians in the USA who are highly specialized professionals amongst millions of aspiring immigrants, seven-star students have successfully fulfilled their US dream with the Next League Program. The Next League Program is a holistic approach to obtaining the EB1A Green Card, accentuating personal growth and development, self-discovery, and unlocking the actual extraordinary ability of an individual.

The United States has since long practiced and made efforts by offering opportunities and preferential treatment to highly talented immigrants across Arts, Business, Education, and Sciences. Vivek B Ramu, competent in Software Performance Testing in Connecticut, expressed his journey, “EB1A seemed daunting until I joined the Next League Program. Principal Coach Ranjeet’s structured approach has boosted my confidence, and I’m now on track to achieve my EB1A goals.”

Over the years, these preferences have enabled gifted individuals, including Nobel Laureates, Business Professionals, World Class Athletes, and Renowned Artists, to immigrate to the US and live in the United States. Siddharth Sharma, a Leader in HR Digital Solutions, USA reflected on his experience, “After researching EB1A, I found the Next League Program. Ranjeet’s clarity and mentorship have been transformative, making this one of my best decisions.”

Rathnakumar Udayakumar, a Data Professional from California, USA, remarked on the program’s impact: “Joining the program opened my eyes to the importance of personal growth in the EB1A process. Ranjeet’s transformative guidance changed my perspective on the program and myself.”

Principal Coach and CEO of Next League Executive Board LLC, Ranjeet S Mudholkar (also an EB1A recipient in 2017) said, “The Next League Program is designed for highly competent professionals who can obtain their EB1A Green Card without sponsorship, lottery, or a million-dollar investment. I am delighted to coach, mentor, and guide skilled professionals to sharpen their saws to establish their thought leadership in the category. To support the Einstein-category intellects, the Next League Board LLC aims to nurture admission of global super-talent into the US.”

The Next League Board LLC aims to contribute to the US by facilitating the best global talent to its shores. Sushil Vellanki, proficient in Geospatial Engineering and Logistics, USA, highlighted the program’s benefits, “Discovering the EB1A category was a revelation. Ranjeet and the Next League Program have provided the guidance I needed to bridge the gaps in my profile and prepare for EB1A.”

Jayendran Gopalsami, a Supply Chain Management Expert in North Carolina, USA, supports the program’s methodology, stating, “What sets Next League apart is its holistic approach. It’s not just about EB1A; it’s about personal growth. The program’s curated content and coaching have accelerated my journey.”

A Digital Transformation Expert from a Global Consulting Firm in the USA shared, “Ranjeet demystified the EB1A process for me, emphasizing its essence over mere formalities. He clarified what the US seeks in immigrants and guided me through the logical steps of the application.”

Drawing on philosophical concepts of Absurdism and the Socratic Method, the program encourages individuals to create meaning in their lives and question their assumptions, beliefs, and values. The Next League Program applies this concept by encouraging individuals to control their destinies and trust their abilities without compromising the overall impact. This mindset helps individuals become their best version, establishing their extraordinary skills.

The 6-month intense Coaching Program for students pursuing their American Dream to be a US Resident by applying for the EB1A Green Card, aka Einstein Visa, consists of three phases:

Phase I: Profile Enhancement

Phase II: Scaling Knowledge Base and becoming a thought leader in your respective domain

Phase III: Creating Outreach

The Next League Program is a remote program most suited for Subject Matter Experts or professionals between 24 and 50 years of age with progressive experience in their field. In addition to its philosophical foundations, the Next League Program provides practical tools and resources to aid in the EB1A Green Card process. With access to experienced immigration lawyers, a supportive community of like-minded individuals, and personalized coaching and guidance tailored to each individual’s unique needs and goals.

The United States of America is united by grand and enduring ideals, aspiring to draw the world’s best and brightest talent to American shores. Folashade Orimogunje, a Data Science Expert from the Dept. of Health, USA, emphasized the program’s transformative nature: “Joining the Next League Program was a pivotal decision. It’s not just about immediate goals but setting one up for future endeavors. Ranjeet’s experience and guidance have been invaluable.”

The prestigious Extraordinary Ability (EB1A) Green Card category offers preferential treatment to outstanding individuals across various fields, including arts, business, education, and sciences.

About Next League Board LLC:

Established in 2022 and headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Next League Executive Board LLC is a premier educational institution dedicated to helping professionals achieve their American dream. Through a meticulous assessment and comprehensive selection process, the company identifies and collaborates with elite professionals from around the globe. Employing its unique transformational coaching methodology, Next League Executive Board LLC instills the right mindset and fosters the development of essential skills and knowledge across diverse disciplines. With a vision to assist professionals in pursuing their dream careers in the US without the constraints of sponsorship, lottery, or a million-dollar investment, the institution is at the forefront of transformative education, reshaping the future on a global scale.

For more information, please contact:

Ruta M


Seema Malhotra

+91 81687 37024

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