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Rimba Raya Launches Seruyan River Cleanup Movement 2020

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In celebration of World River Day on September 27, Rimba Raya Conservation (Rimba Raya) has partnered with the Seruyan Regency Environmental Agency to launch the Seruyan River Cleanup Movement 2020 #satusampahseribubencana (one waste, one thousand disasters).

The movement was launched with an opening ceremony in the pendopo (official house) of the Seruyan Regent, with the theme “Waste-Free River, Healthy Community, Beautiful Village”.

“We believe that this movement will make the people of Seruyan feel more responsible toward their own environment and appreciate the local and the planet’s health,” said Moch. As’ari, Technical Director of Rimba Raya.

“Our target is to collect 8 tons of waste from 11 villages and two sub-districts all along the Seruyan River,” said Sylviana Andhella, Executive Director of Rimba Raya.

During the Seruyan River Cleanup Movement, Rimba Raya will hold several activities. This will include writing and drawing competitions for primary to senior high school students to inspire and encourage the younger generation to be more aware of their environment and the need to protect it.

Rimba Raya will collaborate with Balai TN Tanjung Putting National Park and Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) in these activities, which will be conducted until the final event, on the 17th of September.

At the opening ceremony, the Head of the Seruyan Regency Environmental Agency said, “With this series of activities, we hope to create awareness, and an ongoing motivation to care for the environment and keep the rivers clean. With our continued efforts, we hope that the Seruyan river will become a destination for tourists which will certainly have a positive impact on the economic growth of this region.”

Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve is a project that focuses on Ecosystem Restoration. It aims to restore and preserve the tropical peat swamp forest which is essential habitat for orangutans and is managed under the principles of ecology, economic and social management.

Head of Environmental Agency Priyo Widagdo hitting the gong to mark the opening of Seruyan River Cleanup Movement 2020.
Head of Environmental Agency Priyo Widagdo hitting the gong to mark the opening of Seruyan River Cleanup Movement 2020.

Rimba Raya acts as a vital buffer zone for TN Tanjung Putting National Park. The project implements initiatives that positively impact 14 villages across two sub-districts (Seruyan Hilir and Danau Sembuluh) in the Seruyan Regency, Central Kalimantan.

Rimba Raya initiatives are developed by InfiniteEARTH with a focus on assisting local communities to improve their economic status and embrace the positive impacts of being a REDD+ project.

“We need to engage and empower local people to actively contribute to preserving the peat swamp forest. If we work together, we can protect mother earth and keep her from harm,” said Djonni Andhella, President Director of Rimba Raya.

Rimba Raya empowers local community members to play a role in protecting and conserving the peat forest with a long-term philosophy, “Local Community. Forest. Climate”. The project aims to work towards consistently achieving the UN’s SDGs, both within the project area and the bordering villages.

In addition to the Seruyan River Cleanup movement, Rimba Raya, in cooperation with the Seruyan Regency Public Health Office, has launched the Floating Clinic Initiative aiming to provide health services to communities along the Seruyan River. These services include general public health, prenatal care, pediatric care for children, as well as improved nutritional advice and supplies.

To build awareness, we have also introduced a ‘Peatland Education Program’ for primary school students, conducted in cooperation with the Peatland Restoration Agency.

All the proposed activities are conducted in accordance with COVID-19 health protocols which include social distancing, the wearing of protective masks and no mass crowding.

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