PSE Releases New Index Composition

Makati—(PHStocks)—The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) is announcing the results of the regular review of the PSE index (PSEi) and sector indices covering trading activity for the period July 2012 to June 2013. The review of the composition of the indices was based on the previously approved criteria used for selecting the members of the indices.

To qualify for the PSEi, companies are required to meet the following during the review period:

1. Free float level of at least 12%

2. Must be among the top 25% by median daily value per month for at least nine out of 12 months

3. Top 30 based on full market capitalization (MCAP)

To be included in the sector indices, companies must rank among the top 50 percent in terms of median daily value per month in eight out of the 12-month period in review.

To provide stability in the selection of PSEi-member companies, a company shall be inserted in the PSEi if it rises above the 25th position by full MCAP, to replace the company that ranks the lowest. A company shall be deleted in the PSEi if it falls below the 35th position by full MCAP, to be replaced by the company with the highest MCAP among those included in the reserve list.

In particular, Belle Corp. (BEL) and Manila Electric Company (MER) will be replaced by GT Capital Holdings Inc. (GTCAP) and LT Group Inc. (LTG).

All changes shall be effected on 16 September 2013.

Click here to see the revised list of indices.

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