PHStocks Exclusive: Top Stock Performers for August

August has been an interesting month of trading in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

The global market, especially emerging markets, continued to let their guessing game on the US Fed’s QE tapering plans dictate their investing decisions, resulting in a fluctuating performance of most indices in the region.

Late in the month came news about the continuing unrest in Syria, which, when the US announced possible action, drove the stocks down. The next day, stocks recovered because the same potential retaliation by the West boosted oil prices.

The local stock market, in particular, have been on a roller coaster ride as most foreign equities investors come in and out of the market for quick buck and safety.

Anyway, what’s more interesting is that the top stock performers list for this month only has 31 companies – at least according to PHStocks’ data analysis method.

Without further ado, below are the gainers for August:

1. Suntrust Home Developers Inc. (PSE: SUN): PhP1.79, 198.3%

2. iRipple Inc. (PSE: RPL): PhP9.50, 22.1%

3. IRC Properties Inc. (PSE: IRC): PhP1.54, 20.3%

4. Ginebra San Miguel Inc. (PSE: GSMI): PhP16.30, 16.4%

5. Araneta Properties Inc. (PSE: ARA): PhP1.54, 12.4%

6. NextStage Inc. (PSE: NXT): PhP2.20, 10.55%

7. Information Capital Technology Ventures Inc. (PSE: ICTV): PhP0.42, 10.53%

8. Paxys Inc. (PSE: PAX): PhP2.08, 6.7%

9. Ionics Inc. (PSE: ION): PhP0.53, 6%

10. TKC Steel Corporation (PSE: T): PhP2.15, 5.4%

11. Nickel Asia Corp. (PSE: NIKL): PhP15.76, 5.07%

12. Oriental Petroleum and Minerals Corp. “B” (PSE: OPMB): PhP0.021, 5%

13. Liberty Telecoms Holdings Inc. (PSE: LIB): PhP2.13, 4.41%

14. Agrinurture Inc. (PSE: ANI): PhP5.69, 4.4%

15. Jollibee Foods Corp. (PSE: JFC): PhP161.00, 3.87%

16. Republic Glass Holdings Corp. (PSE: REG): PhP2.70, 3.8%

17. International Container Terminal Services Inc. (PSE: ICT): PhP95.00, 3.6%

18. iPeople Inc. (PSE: IPO): PhP11.98, 3.3%

19. Coal Asia Holdings Inc. (PSE: COAL): PhP0.96, 3.2%

20. Keppel Philippine Holdings Inc. “A” (PSE: KPH): PhP4.95, 3.1%

21. Federal Resources Investment Group Inc. (PSE: FED): PhP7.75, 3.06%

22. Abra Mining & Industrial Corp. (PSE: AR): PhP0.0034, 3.03%

23. Marcventures Holdings Inc. (PSE: MARC): PhP1.80, 2.9%

24. ISM Communications Corp. (PSE: ISM): PhP1.98, 2.6%

25. Island Information and Technology Inc. (PSE: IS): PhP0.045, 2.27%

26. Vulcan Industrial & Mining (PSE: VUL): PhP1.46, 2%

27. Manila Water Company Inc. (PSE: MWC): PhP32.90, 1.07%

28. Empire East Land Holdings Inc. (PSE: ELI): PhP0.96, 1.05%

29. San Miguel Pure Foods Company Inc. (PSE: PF): PhP240.20, 0.5%

30. Sun Life Financial Inc. (PSE: SLF): PhP1,255.00, 0.4%

31. Berjaya Philippines Inc. (PSE: BCOR): PhP21.85, 0.23%

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