PHStocks Exclusive: Top 30 Best Performing Stocks in May 2017

Manila—(PHStocks)—The PHStocks top performers and losers list returns after several months of absence.

As always, the list is based on the price performance of stocks based on their closing price at the last trading day of the prior month and their closing price at the last trading day of the month in review.

So, without further ado, here are the top 30 best performing stocks for the month of May.

  1. 2GO Group Inc. (PSE: 2GO): PhP28.00, 117.05%
  2. Waterfront Philippines Inc. (PSE: WPI): PhP0.87, 77.55%
  3. Asiabest Group International Inc. (PSE: ABG): PhP30.50, 63.28%
  4. Roxas Holdings Inc. (PSE: ROX): PhP4.45, 60.65%
  5. Petroenergy Resources Corp. (PSE: PERC): PhP5.85, 44.09%
  6. Vitarich Corp. (PSE: VITA): PhP2.21, 35.58%
  7. Philweb Corp. (PSE: WEB): PhP10.48, 35.57%
  8. AG Finance Inc. (PSE: AGF): PhP4.07, 34.77%
  9. Benguet Corp. “B” (PSE: BCB): PhP2.25, 34.73%
  10. Acesite (Philippines) Hotel Corp. (PSE: ACE): PhP2.05, 33.99%
  11. Melco Resorts and Entertainment (Philippines) Corp. (PSE: MRP): PhP9.82, 33.42%
  12. Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc. (PSE: IMI): PhP10.26, 33.25%
  13. Agrinurture Inc. (PSE: ANI): PhP7.61, 32.12%
  14. Benguet Corp. “A” (PSE: BC): PhP2.16, 24.85%
  15. Alsons Consolidated Resources Inc. (PSE: ACR): PhP1.74, 23.4%
  16. Petron Corp. (PSE: PCOR): PhP10.98, 20.53%
  17. East West Banking Corp. (PSE: EW): PhP25.70, 19.81%
  18. House of Investments Inc. (PSE: HI): PhP7.49, 17.95%
  19. Philippine Realty & Holdings Corp. (PSE: RLT): PhP0.73, 17.74%
  20. Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (PSE: RCB): PhP64.10, 17.72%
  21. Geograce Resources Philippines Inc. (PSE: GEO): PhP0.30, 17.65%
  22. Bright Kindle Resources & Investments Inc. (PSE: BKR): PhP1.47, 17.6%
  23. Megaworld Corp. (PSE: MEG): PhP4.70, 15.76%
  24. SSI Group Inc. (PSE: SSI): PhP2.64, 15.28%
  25. City & Land Developers Inc. (PSE: LAND): PhP1.15, 15%
  26. Phoenix Petroleum Philippines Inc. (PSE: PNX): PhP9.72, 14.35%
  27. SPC Power Corp. (PSE: SPC): PhP5.10, 14.09%
  28. Lodestar Investment Holdings Corp. (PSE: LIHC): PhP1.14, 14%
  29. Anchor Land Holdings Inc. (PSE: ALHI): PhP6.80, 13.33%
  30. Dizon Copper Silver Mines Inc. (PSE: DIZ): PhP9.97, 13.17%

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