PH Stocks Hit New Record

??????????????????Manila—(PHStocks)—The Philippine stock market continued their rally Friday, 12 April, buoyed by strong market performance in U.S. markets. The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) index hit 6,891.43, up by 0.87% or 59.69 points – a new record high for the local bourse amid continued optimism in the local market.

Except for the slight 0.12% drop in the Industrials sector, all remaining counters were in the green. Leading the pack is the Services index, which recovered slightly from its 0.16% drop yesterday to post a 0.12% growth today. The Holding Firms segment, meanwhile, continued its growth by adding 1.13%.

Trading was moderate. Value turnover was just PhP7.59 billion, while volume of shares traded reached 4.586 billion. There were 99 gainers against 54 losers, while 48 stocks remained flat.

The most active stocks in terms of value are SM Investments Corporation (SMIC, PSE: SM), Ayala Corp. (PSE: AC), Alcorn Gold Resources Corporation (PSE: APM), DMCI Holdings Inc. (PSE: DMC), and Aboitiz Equity Ventures Inc. (PSE: AEV).


Top gainers for the day are as follows:

The biggest losers for the day, meanwhile are below:

14 thoughts on “PH Stocks Hit New Record

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  • What a good news. This reminds me to proceed on investing stocks in the future.

  • Ness

    This is what I have been eyeing for.. I’d like to invest in stocks. Maybe in the later part of this year.

  • this is a really good news for those who are aspiring to enter the stocks market..

  • I’m not knowledgeable when it comes to stock exchange, but this is indeed a good news, especially to those actively investing in stocks.. 🙂

  • I’m going to have to start learning this stock business thingy. It’d be great to know a thing or two about investing or checking numbers in the market but every time I see one of those things that slide over in the TV when you watch news about business, I get lost. This is good info though, I wish you can publish something for us that will introduce us to the world of stocks

  • Deann

    Actually I don’t get any of what’s written above. I’m such poor on Math! XD

  • Great news to some but not to the OFW sector.

  • Poor OFW, definitely, they will be struck hard by this PH Stocks surge.

  • Others can’t relate to this post maybe because they don’t have the niche for this. But this really a big help especially to our Phil. stock market exchange especially if you are a broker, sales agent, marketer, works related in marketing, management, banks. I remember, we usually take this up on my marketing class. Comparing data in order to resolve stocks problem.

  • Jane

    i can never relate to topics like this hehe Like Joy above I hate math or anything in numbers and so on. Its gives me headache though its nice reading something like this sometimes for a change and for additional informations xx

  • Honestly, Im not really quite familiar with stock exchange both here and abroad, but that news should be nice, a new record to the Philippine economy.

  • marri

    SM Investment Corp. is still the most active stock… I can hardly imagine how much does Henry Sy gain wealth every second.

  • joy

    I actually am very poor in math and finances but I hope this article can help those in the finance industry 🙂


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