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Montieth & Company and SPRG launch new PR agency in HK: Montieth SPRG

Montieth SPRG delivers integrated, flexible and efficient PR services and solutions for global companies expanding across Asia-Pacific

Strategic Public Relations Group (“SPRG”), one of the largest public relations networks in Asia-Pacific, and Montieth & Company (“M&Co”), a global communications consultancy, have joined forces to launch a new agency in Hong Kong: Montieth SPRG.

(from left) Richard Tsang, Chairman, SPRG and Co-Chairman, Montieth SPRG, and Montieth Illingworth, CEO and Global Managing Partner, Montieth & Company and Co-Chairman, Montieth SPRG

Montieth SPRG is the result of a collaboration between the two agencies that dates back to 2006 and represents the next evolution of global communications. The new company will provide fully integrated, cross-border communications strategies that move seamlessly and nimbly across media markets and achieve high-impact results and influence. Montieth SPRG will deliver key corporate initiatives that encourage audience engagement, raise/build brand awareness and drive growth. In its initial phase, the firm will serve clients from the Americas and EMEA that seek to penetrate new markets in Asia-Pacific and expand across the region. Core offerings include marketing communications and media relations, issues and crisis management and financial communications/IR.

Richard Tsang, Chairman, SPRG and Co-Chairman, Montieth SPRG said: “SPRG and M&Co have been working together for 15 years now. We hope to offer the best solutions to global companies looking for a compelling and competitive edge in the region’s markets. In M&Co, we have a true partner in innovation and together we will help our clients from different sectors to take advantage of their biggest opportunities in Asia-Pacific.”

Montieth Illingworth, CEO and Global Managing Partner, Montieth & Company and Co-Chairman, Montieth SPRG said: “SPRG’s depth of experience and expertise in the region is invaluable. This is an opportunity for Montieth & Company to serve our North American and EMEA clients in some of the world’s fastest growing economies. The Asia-Pacific region has vigorously tackled the pandemic and the benefits are evident.”

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About Montieth SPRG
Montieth SPRG brings together Montieth & Company (“M&Co”), a leading global PR agency with SPRG, Asia’s leading communications firm. Montieth SPRG serves global organizations in the Americas and EMEA across sectors that want to expand into Asia-Pacific. The firm’s highly integrated, flexible and efficient services and solutions produce high-value results that raise/build brand awareness and drive growth.

About Montieth & Company
Montieth & Company (“M&Co”) is a global communications consultancy which operates through three global hubs, New York, London, and Hong Kong, and projects into over 20 media markets. Its multi-lingual team deliver targeted media relations counsel, support and execution for a variety of clients. The agency receives regular recognition for its work and has been ranked as one of the top 50 PR firms by The New York Observer.

About SPRG
SPRG is one of the largest public relations networks in Asia-Pacific and the largest public relations consultancy in Hong Kong. It has over 290 professionals working from 15 wholly-owned offices and an associated company in Australia. SPRG has garnered over 420 prominent awards in the client campaign and agency categories and was ranked Global Top 100 PR agency by PRWeek and PRovoke.

Dayvic Leung
Senior Manager, Montieth SPRG
Tel: (+852) 2114 4935

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