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Mette Johansson Launches Empowering Book on Dispelling Workplace Myths Hindering Women’s Advancement, “Narratives: The Stories That Hold Women Back At Work”

Renowned for her advocacy for gender equality, author Mette Johansson introduced her groundbreaking book, “Narratives: The Stories That Hold Women Back at Work,” amidst a captivating launch event at One Raffles Quay, North Tower, Singapore. Published by Penguin Random House SEA this thought-provoking piece confronts suppressed workplace realities, unraveling misconceptions surrounding crucial topics such as the gender pay gap, women’s roles in leadership, and the challenges working mothers face. Mette’s previous works include “How to Make Yourself Promotable: 7 Skills to Help You Climb the Career Ladder,” and she was also a co-author and ideator of ‘Unleash Your Voice: Powerful Public Speaking for Every Woman,’ both of which ranked among Amazon’s bestsellers. Mette Johansson, for almost two decades, has worked in leadership roles for multinational corporations across Asia and Europe before she founded MetaMind Pte Ltd. This training consultancy supports clients in developing tailored learning journeys in the “people side of leadership skills.” Clients include large MNCs such as Citibank, Microsoft, and UPS, as well as mid-sized ones.

Embarking on a Journey of Narratives: Mette Johansson, Author (Center Stage), Unveils her Book Surrounded by Visionaries and Influential Minds.

Through a compelling blend of personal anecdotes, enlightening interviews with female leaders, and actionable remedies, Johansson challenges the pervasive narratives that hinder women’s career advancement. Her work calls for action, empowering women and organizations to reshape workplaces into equitable environments.

“Narratives” delves into ten persistent myths that perpetuate gender stereotypes and limit women’s opportunities. Johansson shatters these myths by amplifying the voices of successful female entrepreneurs and leaders, including Lakshmi Murlidharan, Dalia Feldheim, Rashmi Dalai, Caroline Farberger, Sheryl Sandberg. Shirley Tee and Priya Sharma.

“Women’s advancement in the workplace is not just a women’s issue; it’s a societal imperative,” asserts Johansson. “My book serves as an urgent call to action for the creation of equitable workplaces. I implore readers to reconsider and reshape their workplace environments to foster greater equity and inclusion. The time is now to transform and adapt our professional world, ensuring that women can not only succeed but also thrive.”

The book’s unique selling propositions include:

  • Confronting Workplace Realities: Johansson fearlessly tackles the unfiltered truths about workplace gender dynamics.
  • Amplifying Female Narratives: The book provides a platform for female leaders to voice their experiences and challenge gender narratives.
  • Thought-Provoking Narratives and Actionable Remedies: Johansson presents real-world accounts and practical solutions to dismantle harmful myths.
  • Illuminating Truths Through Narratives: The book enriches the understanding of gender dynamics in the workplace.
  • Call to Action for Equitable Workplaces: Johansson urges readers to reconsider and reshape workplaces into more equitable environments.

Nora Nazerene Abu Bakar, Publisher, Penguin Random House SEA quips, “Narratives emerge as an indispensable resource, offering a compelling pathway for challenging prevailing gender stereotypes and fostering inclusivity within workplaces. It is a potent catalyst, equipping women with invaluable insights to navigate career hurdles and enabling organizations to champion a more equitable future.”

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