IPVG Affiliate Conqueror Space Signs MOU with Canadian-Chinese Firm

Makati–(PHStocks)–IPVG Corp. (PSE: IP), through its affiliate Conqueror Space Limited, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a Canadian-Chinese firm, giving IPVG exclusive rights to build and operate mineral refineries in India. Under the MOU, the company will have access to the skills and expertise of the Canadian-Chinese firm, who have had a long history of building and operating mineral refineries in China.

Last February, IPVG was granted the exclusive rights to engage in the business of refining metal ores and other minerals in the Philippines. The MOU for the Indian operations will allow IPVG to expand overseas and potentially larger, more lucrative markets.

The MOU is in  line with the company’s earlier announcement to ammend its primary purpose to include refining of metal ores, precious stones, oil, gas, and minerals.

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