Get Me Press Launches an Online PR Agency Focused on Startups and Founders

Paid ads ever changing algorithms and account shut downs are burning money and time for small to medium sized businesses marketing offers online. Beat the ads algorithms with an SEO strategy that delivers consistent and predictable results whilst building brand authority. Get Me Press crafts your articles and places them in top online publications using your websites, pitch books, and social media.

Get Me Press’ founders are excited to announce the launch of their online public relations agency, which will focus on startups and entrepreneurs.

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The company’s mantra, according to a spokeswoman, is “We Tell Your Story Online.” The team of experts collaborates closely with their clients, writing, editing, and publishing their story in prominent online journals and industry publications.

“We understand that entrepreneurs and company founders have ideas, and we have the infrastructure to help them turn those ideas into published contributions in prominent online journals.”

“We understand that entrepreneurs and company founders have ideas, and we have the infrastructure to help them turn those ideas into published contributions in leading online journals. This is why Get Me Press focuses on startups and founders,” the spokesperson explained, adding that Get Me Press’ writers have extensive expertise writing for major magazines and understand how to effectively communicate their clients’ messages.

According to the spokesperson, advice and profile pieces are one of the most successful ways to boost a Google Search ranking by driving hundreds of visitors to a website. Online content, on the other hand, tend to stay online longer than social media links, resulting in free organic traffic.

Articles generate new SEO, which will aid in the development of a strong digital presence and a high search engine rank. These articles will generate free organic traffic while also providing backlinks and directing viewers to their clients’ websites.

According to the spokesperson, this publicity could provide a number of advantages, including the following:
– Supercharged SEO
– The entrepreneur’s name on page one, two and three of the google-news search engine,
– Increased brand visibility, credibility, and equity
– Inbound traffic and leads to content and offers will improve.
– Speaking engagements, capital investors, talent acquisition, and requests to be included in new online publications and podcasts are all exciting and unexpected prospects.

Get Me Press

Adrienne Greenwood and Michael Hall founded Get Me Press in 2022. They both have a diverse business expertise in strategic branding and communications, as well as creative digital marketing, and can advise their customers and brands on the best placements for their sector niche and budget. Please visit our website for additional information. Visit

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