Chemrez to Invest PhP368M in Manufacturing Greener Products

Chemrez Technologies Inc. (PSE: COAT), the country’s top biodiesel, resins and oleochemicals producer, is investing P368.72 million in a new plant that will allow it to export green technology products that will displace harmful petrochemical-based products. The company will be expanding its product line to include oleochemical specialty products and derivatives for the export market.

The new plant will be Chemrez’s first and only facility capable of commercially producing distilled and fractionated coco methyl esters in the Philippines at the rate of 15,000 metric tons a year. The company has already applied for registration of the project with the Board of Investments (BOI).

Chemrez will produce highly specialized and customized oleochemical products using a new process combined with new technologies. Chemrez said it will export at least 50 percent of its output to the U.S., the Middle East, Australia and various Asian countries.

In line with its green advocacy, Chemrez has developed new process to be able to manufacture on a commercial scale. These biodegradable, non-petrochemical based products are for use in personal and home care products, cosmetics and plastics.

Applications of fractionated coco methyl esters include fatty alcohols or surfactants for detergents, environment-friendly lubricants and solvents, and even additives for engine oils for aeronautical and aerospace applications. Specifically, these can be used as raw materials for shampoos, body wash, liquid soaps and similar liquid formulations; emulsifiers for food and cosmetic; and lubricants for plastics.

Coco methyl esters are better than other raw material since it results in lesser irritation for baby shampoos, better foam for liquid hand soaps, it is hypo-allergenic for feminine wash, has better cleansing performance for laundry soaps, and enhances conditioning for shampoos.

Aside from its other export products, Chemrez recently reported that its plant-based oil spill dispersant and shoreline and mangrove washing agent is gaining interest in the global market. Called BioSolve Spill Rx, the 100 percent plant-based dispersant was recently accredited and certified by the Philippine Coast Guard to enhance the country’s efficiency and effectivity in preventing damage of marine ecology and shoreline contamination in the event of oil spills.

Chemrez said BioSolve Spill Rx is gaining interest in the global market since its main formulation ingredient is also federally listed in the U.S. as a shoreline washing agent for oil spill cleanup and remediation.

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