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Captivating Notions on Jakarta’s Thriving AI Technology Vision and its Embedding Journey to Boost its AI Capabilities

The 34th global edition of World AI & RPA Show supported by KORIKA and IAIS concluded with 2 days of the power-packed conference that served as a key catalyst for Jakarta’s bold vision of leveraging innovation and technology to diversify its goals by bringing together government officials & inspirational line-up of Artificial Intelligence experts & solution providers on the 8th & 9th of June.

The show brought together over 450+ delegates & 45+ exception tech leaders as speakers from across the globe including major stakeholders of Jakarta’s digital ecosystem.

The theme for the conference was premised on helping key government entities and private enterprises that develop a comprehensive Artificial Intelligence roadmap by assessing sectors of critical infrastructure emerging technologies can be a strategic enabler to boost the nation’s economic competitiveness.

Prof. Dr. Hammam Riza, Principal Expert, National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) President of KORIKA, Indonesia, spoke at length on the topic, “Leveraging Digital Transformation through Indonesia’s AI National Strategy”, and made strong points on AI Roadmap and its implementation in accordance with the country’s values system. He also expressed how AI National Strategy can help in creating a digital-savvy workforce.

Dr. Eng. Hary Budiarto, Chairman of Research and Talent Development Agency Ministry of ICT Indonesia, gave a keynote on “Why Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a critical component of Indonesia’s technological landscape”. He was quoted saying, “The primary industries in Indonesia will benefit from AI and other cutting-edge technologies, which will assist the Indonesian economy overcome challenges and limitations.”

Suganthi Shivkumar, Vice President, Asia, Alteryx, while delivering her tech talk on ‘Driving Analytic Maturity: Scale the Impact of Analytics Across the Organization’, spoke about a proven method that helps organizations democratize analytics across an organization, and added what are the stages of analytics maturity.

One of the most prominent panel discussions witnessed at the event discussed on “How AI and Automation can drive a customer-centric Environment”. The speakers on the panel included Muhamad Erza Aminanto, Senior Research Scientist, Jakarta Smart City; Amit Panda, Group Head of Data and Analytics, Sinarmas Financial (SMMA Group), Jean-Marc Provost, Director Digital and Conversational AI, Genesys; Eva Dormauli, Assistant Vice President Sales for Small and Medium Division BRI, PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia Persero Tbk.

In this discussion, panellists gave their insights on how CX revolutionised with the introduction of Conversational AI, the cause and cure for point solution chaos, a roadmap for Government bodies to become digital leaders and how Data and AI became the accelerators of CX.

Bambang Dwi AngGono; Director of e-Government Department of Communications and Informatics – Republic of Indonesia, on his keynote shared insights on why Artificial Intelligence is a central piece of digital transformation’. He was quoted saying, “AI innovation is happening at a truly exponential rate, and business leaders, CIOs and IT Professionals must be open to AI solutions which can create real business value.”

Satchit Joglekar, Regional Director, ASEAN Emerging Markets, Snowflake, Singapore, while delivering his tech talk on ‘Power Your Organization Forward with the Data Cloud’, stated, “The Data Cloud eliminates silos, enabling organizations to rapidly and flexibly combine data from disparate sources to create new insights and maximize the value of the enterprise data.”

The event also focused on other key topics such as:
– Integrating artificial intelligence (AI) at the heart of a company’s business and operational models,
– The digital revolution’s frontiers are being pushed farther by recent advancements like facial recognition and related innovations,
– Revamping policies for the digital era: Realigning policies and institutions with the digital economy,
– Cloud as a driver for digital transformation and many more.

Some of the top speakers who attended the event that took place on the 8th and 9th of June 2022 included:
– Prof. Dr. Hammam Riza, Principal Expert, National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) President of KORIKA, Indonesia;
– Dr. Eng. Hary Budiarto; Chairman of Research and Talent Development Agency, Ministry of ICT, Indonesia;
– Bambang Dwi Anggono, Director of e-Government, Department of Communications and Informatics, Republic of Indonesia, Indonesia;
– Setiaji Setiaji, Chief of Digital Transformation Office, Minister of Health of The Republic of Indonesia;
– Dr. Lukas, Co-founder and Chairperson, Indonesia AI Society;
– Suganthi Shivkumar; Vice President – Asia, Alteryx;
– Indra Hidayatullah, Data Management & Analytics Division Head, PT Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk;
– Kevin Lim, Regional Vice President, SEATH Dataiku Singapore;
– Katrina Briedis; Sr. Product Marketing Manager, APAC, Denodo, Australia;
– Satchit Joglekar; Regional Director, ASEAN Emerging Markets, Snowflake Singapore;
– Benedikta Satya; Country Director, Searce, Indonesia;
– Tauhid Abddul Jalil; Principal Consultant, Southeast Asia, Laiye;
– Jean-marc Provost; Director Digital and Conversational AI, Genesys, Singapore;
– Juan Kanggrawan; Head of Data Analytics Jakarta Smart City
– Prof. Dr. Ir. Arwin Sumari; Senior Officer, Indonesian Air Force, Adjunct Professor, Politeknik Negeri Malang Indonesia and more.

“Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology holds enormous potential to transform businesses in ways that can improve operational effectiveness, boost productivity, increase efficiency, and reduce costs,” stated Mithun Shetty, CEO, Trescon.

The Jakarta edition of #WorldAIShow was officially supported by KORIKA, IAIS; & officially sponsored by:
– Lead Sponsor – Dataiku | iZeno;
– Gold Sponsors – Denodo, Alteryx, Searce & Snowflake;
– Silver Sponsors – Laiye & Genesys | Phincon;
– Bronze Sponsor – Darktrace
– Official Media Partners – The Jakarta Post & PR Newswire, a Cision company.

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