BDO Announces Additional Listing

Banco de Oro Unibank Inc. (PSE: BDO) has announced an additional listing of 267,669,397 common shares, with a par value of PhP10.00 per share, to cover the following private placement transactions at an issue price of PhP41.50 per share, and a total value of PhP11,108,279,975.50:

a) 107,320,482 common shares issued to Multi-Realty Development Corporation amounting to PhP4,453,800,003.00;

b) 24,033,253 common shares issued to International Finance Corporation amounting to PhP997,379,999.50; and,

c) 136,315,662 common shares issued to IFC Capitalization (Equity) Fund, L.P. amounting to PhP5,657,099,973.00.

The listing of additional shares is set for Wednesday, April 6, 2010.

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