Atlas Announces Completion of 35th Shipment of Copper Concentrate

Atlas Consolidated Mining and Development Corp. (PSE: AT) has announced the completion on January 22 of its 35th shipment of copper concentrate since the start of mining operations through its subsidiary Carmen Copper Corp. (CCC).

Revenue from this shipment is estimated to reach $12,931,387 based on a volume of approximately 5,121.461 dry metric tons (dmt) of copper concentrate containing 27.78% copper, 2.33g of gold per dmt and 25.16g of silver per dmt according to preliminary assay analysis.

The shipment, which was loaded on board the vessel M/V Tay Do Star at the Sangi Port in Toledo City, Cebu, is consigned to a smelter in Yantai, China. After this delivery, CCC still has approximately 1,975.640 dmt of copper concentrate stored in its Sangi Port warehouse.

To date, CCC has already exported approximately 167,865.406 dmt of copper concentrate to smelters in China and Korea.


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