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Advancing Financial Inclusion AUC Coins Set to Revolutionize Retail Payments in South Africa

Key Highlights:
– Advanced Project’s TIER platform enables direct AUC Coin payments at South African retailers.
– TIER facilitates payments for goods, services, and even municipal bills, creating a holistic ecosystem for AUC Coin usage.
– Africa leads the way and Advanced Project’s success in South Africa serves as a beacon for wider digital asset adoption across the continent.

Advanced Project, a leading force in African blockchain innovation, is taking a major step towards true financial inclusion in the continent with the integration of AUC Coin as a payment method at retail stores across South Africa. This exciting partnership unlocks new possibilities for digital asset adoption and sets the stage for wider cryptocurrency use in the region.

South Africa, at the forefront of embracing digital assets following the Financial Sector Conduct Authority’s recognition of them as financial products, is witnessing a transformative shift in payment methods. The integration of AUC Coin as a payment method is a testament to Advanced Project’s unwavering commitment to democratizing finance in Africa. By simplifying digital asset access and use, Advanced Project empowers individuals and businesses alike, fostering a more inclusive and prosperous future for the continent.

As a testament to this evolving landscape, the Pick N Pay group, the largest retail group in the Southern Africa region with 2,204 stores across eight countries, has partnered with CryptoConvert. In September, the integration of the CryptoQR Payments API allowed direct payments with digital assets at all Pick N Pay counters in South Africa. This partnership is a crucial step in bringing digital currencies into mainstream usage for everyday transactions. Other large retail groups like Pick N Pay, will also soon be accepting payments in digital assets.

Ashiek Anandhaw, CEO of AUC comments, “The Advanced project uses its own end-to-end payment platform, TIER, which directly connects AUC Coins to users and merchants, to provide a payment system in an easier environment in both offline and online environments, allowing users to pay not only for goods, but also for other value-added services and municipal bills.”  AUC Coin from the Advanced project is a native token used extensively in the on/off-chain ecosystem of the project.

It has successfully undergone testing for payment services using AUC Coin in several South African retailers, expanding the usage of AUC Coin beyond South Africa to the entire African continent.

This initiative expands AUC Coin’s utility beyond online transactions and paves the way for everyday purchases with digital assets. It has the potential to revolutionize financial access and inclusion across the African continent.

Through partnerships like this, Advanced Project is taking concrete steps toward realizing its vision of a blockchain-powered Africa, where everyone has equal access to financial tools and opportunities. This paves the way for increased not only Bitcoin and Ethereum but also various digital assets like AUC coin usage in retail, propelling Africa to the forefront of the global cryptocurrency movement.

The Advanced Project

The Advanced project is a blockchain-based initiative that aims to promote financial inclusion in Africa through digital assets. The project offers a comprehensive platform that connects users and merchants through its own end-to-end payment system, TIER, which allows for fast, low-cost, and secure transactions using AUC Coins, the native token of the project. The project also provides a range of value-added services and solutions, such as remittances, microfinance, insurance, and municipal bill payments, that aim to improve the lives and livelihoods of millions of Africans who lack access to traditional financial services. The project’s vision is to create a more inclusive and prosperous Africa through the power of blockchain and digital assets. For more information, visit

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