Crown Breaks New Ground in Roofing

Crown Asia Chemicals Corp. (PSE: CROWN) breaks new ground with the introduction of its uPVC and APVC Roofing. It is reassuring to note that the all-new Crown long span roofing material is safety-engineered to meet tougher requirements in the market.

This latest product offering from a brand renowned for high quality adds another feather to its cap. The new Crown Roofing is high impact-resistant and has the strength and durability that can withstand tough loads, will not easily flatten, get distorted, crack or break. It successfully passed both the impact resistance and flattening tests performed by QA engineering in line with accepted industry standards.

It is built with UV Protection, an important component that prevents premature aging, weakens the roofing material and cause brittleness. Climate variability exacerbate material degradation by increased dosage of harmful ultra-violet rays.

Moreover, it is highly resistant to extreme weather conditions and will not crack or disintegrate when exposed to chemical compounds like acetone.

The new Crown Roofing responds to the global issues on climate change that directly affect the way we construct building structures and in fact, even the way we live. Rising temperatures affect farming and fishing as well as building materials and construction because the soils dry out.

Roofing easily takes direct impact from increased rainfall and extreme heat. Crown uPVC and APVC Roofing are manufactured to remain watertight in extreme conditions and can stand up to constant dampness, low and high alkaline conditions. The smooth surface quality easily repels dust and dirt.

This contemporary roofing material is non-corrosive and won’t rust, making them ideal for structures in areas near or by the sea. Their versatile applications cover commercial, industrial and manufacturing structures such as factories, warehouses, wharfs and seaports.

Crown Roofing has quality properties for effective heat insulation which eliminate additional costs of installing insulation provisions. It permeates natural light better and has good absorption features that minimize outside noise, in particular, creates less rainfall noise compared to other roofing materials. The result is a cooler, brighter and more comfortable interior environment that make them effective material for agricultural facilities like livestock shelters, piggery and poultry farms, greenhouses and botanical nurseries.

Since it is fire-resistant, it does not support combustion and self-extinguishes when the source of fire is removed. It is more economical because it generates savings in power consumption and designed with an “extra width” advantage that covers additional space.

Crown responds to the country’s housing needs and infrastructure development by providing an all-weather, cool roofing solution. The brand produces three roofing profiles, namely, corrugated, rib and tile types, in commercial lengths of 8, 10 and 12 feet. Volume requirements for long span cool roof in transportable length are accepted by special order.

“As a publicly listed company, Crown Asia Chemicals is committed to high standards of corporate governance. We offer the many advantages of our new product for the benefit of architects, engineers and developers in the industry and ultimately for the quality-conscious public that we serve,” says Walter H. Villanueva, Chairman and Head, Pipes and Roofing Divisions respectively.

“We hope to gain their continued trust and reinforce stakeholders’ confidence in Crown, a reliable name we painstakingly built with uncompromising quality and management integrity over the years.”

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