Share Buybacks: EDC, SPH, PHA

Energy Development Corp. (PSE: EDC)

EDC purchased from the market on 14 December 2015 2 million common shares at an average price of PhP5.58/share pursuant to its board approved share buyback program.

  • 20,000 shares at PhP5.53 per share
  • 30,000 shares at PhP5.54 per share
  • 44,800 shares at PhP5.55 per share
  • 890,300 shares at PhP5.56 per share
  • 340,000 shares at PhP5.57 per share
  • 10,000 shares at PhP5.58 per share
  • 100,100 shares at PhP5.59 per share
  • 190,500 shares at PhP5.60 per share
  • 374,300 shares at PhP5.64 per share

Splash Corp. (PSE: SPH)

Splash Corp. bought back 235,000 shares at PhP2.40 per share on 14 December 2015.

Premiere Horizon Alliance Corp. (PSE: PHA)

A total of 200,000 shares of Premiere Horizon Alliance Corp. (PSE: PHA) have been purchased by its subsidiary Digiwave Solutions Inc. on 14 December 2015 at an average price of PhP0.448.

  • 40,000 shares at PhP0.44 per share
  • 40,000 shares at PhP0.445 per share
  • 120,000 shares at PhP0.45 per share

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