Rally Continues; PSEi Climbs Back to 6,700

Manila—(PHStocks)—Philippine stocks continued their rally Wednesday, 30 April, amid investor optimism on corporate earnings.

The Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) went up by 1.08% or 71.46 points to close the month’s trading at 6,707.91. All counters remain in the green, led again by the Property sector, which extended its gains by a further 1.67%. The Financials edged higher by 1.32%, and the Mining & Oil index rose by 1.23%.

Value turnover reached PhP10.3 billion, with volume reaching 2.95 billion. Foreign buying totaled PhP6.81 billion, while foreign selling reached PhP5.38 billion. There were 122 gainers against 51 losers, while 44 stocks were flat.

Top gainers:

  1. Manila Mining Corp. “A” (PSE: MA): PhP0.02, 11.11%
  2. Dizon Copper Silver Mines Inc. (PSE: DIZ): PhP7.91, 10.63%
  3. Megaworld Corp. WARRANTS2 (PSE: MEGW2): PhP3.80, 8.57%
  4. Cyber Bay Corp. (PSE: CYBR): PhP0.66, 8.2%
  5. Megaworld Corp.WARRANTS1 (PSE: MEGW1): PhP3.57, 7.21%
  6. Premiere Horizon Alliance Corp. (PSE: PHA): PhP0.455, 7.06%
  7. Central Azucarera De Tarlac (PSE: CAT): PhP49.90, 6.17%
  8. Security Bank Corp. (PSE: SECB): PhP120.10, 6.10%
  9. Apex Mining Company Inc. “A” (PSE: APX): PhP3.31, 6.09%
  10. Southeast Asia Cement Holdings Inc. (PSE: CMT): PhP1.22, 6.09%
  11. Suntrust Home Developers Inc. (PSE: SUN): PhP1.42, 5.97%
  12. National Reinsurance Corporation of the Philippines (PSE: NRCP): PhP1.45, 5.84%
  13. Coal Asia Holdings Inc. (PSE: COAL): PhP1.09, 5.83%
  14. Benguet Corp. “B” (PSE: BCB): PhP10.00, 5.26%
  15. Oriental Petroleum and Minerals Corp. “B” (PSE: OPMB): PhP0.02, 5.26%
  16. Swift Foods Inc. – Convertible Preferred (PSE: SFIP): PhP1.22, 5.17%
  17. First Abacus Financial Holdings Corp. (PSE: FAF): PhP0.83, 5.06%
  18. Swift Foods Inc. (PSE: SFI): PhP0.147, 5%
  19. Arthaland Corp. (PSE: ALCO): PhP0.216, 4.85%
  20. Millennium Global Holdings Inc. (PSE: MG): PhP0.46, 4.55%

Top losers:

  1. Phinma Corp. (PSE: PHN): PhP11.12, -6.55%
  2. F & J Prince Holdings Corp. (PSE: FJP): PhP3.00, -6.25%
  3. Oriental Petroleum and Minerals Corp. “A” (PSE: OPM): PhP0.018, -5.26%
  4. Seafront Resources Corp. (PSE: SPM): PhP1.98, -4.81%
  5. Waterfront Philippines Inc. (PSE: WPI): PhP0.31, -4.62%
  6. MRC Allied Inc. (PSE: MRC): PhP0.098, -3.92%
  7. Philippine Bank of Communications (PSE: PBC): PhP59.00, -3.67%
  8. Century Peak Metals Holdings Corp. (PSE: CPM): PhP0.82, -3.53%
  9. Victorias Milling Co. Inc. (PSE: VMC): PhP4.45, -3.26%
  10. Sinophil Corp. (PSE: SINO): PhP0.325, -2.99%
  11. A Brown Company Inc. (PSE: BRN): PhP1.39, -2.80%
  12. Imperial Resources Inc. “B” (PSE: IMPB): PhP52.50, -2.78%
  13. Nickel Asia Corp. (PSE: NIKL): PhP24.50, -2.78%
  14. Araneta Properties Inc. (PSE: ARA): PhP1.93, -2.53%
  15. NextStage Inc. (PSE: NXT): PhP3.52, -2.49%
  16. Filipino Fund Inc.(PSE: FFI): PhP7.92, -2.22%
  17. Crown Equities Inc. (PSE: CEI): PhP0.094, -2.08%
  18. Ionics Inc. (PSE: ION): PhP0.52, -1.89%
  19. Shang Properties Inc. (PSE: SHNG): PhP3.13, -1.88%
  20. Calapan Ventures Inc. (PSE: H2O): PhP6.48, -1.82%

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