Raffles Financial Enters into Strategic Partnership with Japan’s Pacific Bays Capital

Raffles Financial Pte Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Raffles Financial Group Limited (CSE: RICH) (FSE: 4VO) (OTC: RAFFF) (“Raffles”, “the Company” or “RF”), today announces that the Company has entered into an advisory partnership for advanced-stage capital and public listing services with Japan’s Pacific Bays Capital (“PacCap”), a top tier VC firm that invests selectively into Japanese and global firms.

PacCap general partners are seasoned VC professionals based in Japan and Silicon Valley, with overall team background including experience at major Japanese banks, independent VC funds, Sequoia Capital, Blackrock, and Morgan Stanley. Given Japan’s “Move South” strategy, PacCap sees a rise in demand for more funding needs by advanced-stage Japanese firms securing strategic resources, contract manufacturers, and parts/services suppliers from the Indo-Pacific region such as Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and Indonesia. Therefore, PacCap is glad to be working with Raffles to help secure these resources.

“Raffles Financial, based in Singapore, is equipped to help advanced-stage Japanese firms to get listed on either Singapore or Hong Kong Stock Exchange and to raise the required money for their moving-south expansion. ASEAN investors appreciate the rapid growth opportunities in Indo-Pacific and the Japanese contribution in branding, technologies and global customer base,” says Dr. Charlie In, Chairman, Raffles Financial.

Raffles Financial is represented in Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Hong Kong and Singapore and has the resources to serve the aims of the Japanese firms seeking funding and resources through their public listings outside Japan.

PacCap partners are working closely with Japanese industry leaders and exploring various government initiatives to identify promising investment target companies and potential ‘unicorns’ for immediate investment. Raffles Financial is to provide advice on navigating exit strategies and additional services to help bring foreign capital to those firms.

Maxwell Weiss, General Partner of PacCap says, “There’s a lot of synergy with what PacCap is envisioning for Japanese firms and the path for expansion into South-East Asia via Raffles. We are excited about Raffles’ wide array of services to help these advanced-stage companies raise capital, and where appropriate, plan exit strategies in new markets to bring foreign capital back to Japan.”

About Raffles Financial Group Limited (CSE: RICH) (FSE: 4VO) (OTC: RAFFF)

Raffles Financial Pte Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of Raffles Financial Group Limited) is an exempt corporate finance advisory firm, registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore, which provides public listing advisory and arrangement services. Raffles Financial serves as advisor for family trusts, family offices and investment funds. Please visit www.rafflesfinancial.co for more information.

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