PSEi Continues Slow, Steady Growth

Manila—(PHStocks)—Philippine stocks extended their gains for a third day as investors digest earnings and market news abroad, with S&P 500 recording its 42nd record close of the year.

The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) index further gained 0.64% or 45.94 points to close trading at 7,275.66 Tuesday, 18 November.

Except for the almost nil loss in the Industrial index (-0.05%), all counters continued their rally, led by the Holding Firms segment, which gained 1.04%. The Property index went up by 0.67% while the Mining and Oil sector added 0.56%.

Total volume reached 2.26 billion, valued at PhP8 billion. Foreign buying reached PhP3.37 billion while foreign selling totaled PhP2.72 billion, for a net buy of PhP650 million.

Top most active:

  1. Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PSE: TEL): PhP2,994.00, 0.07%
  2. Southeast Asia Cement Holdings Inc. (PSE: CMT): PhP2.50, 13.12%
  3. Alliance Global Group Inc. (PSE: AGI): PhP23.55, -2.69%
  4. BDO Unibank Inc. (PSE: BDO): PhP107.20, 1.13%
  5. First Gen Corp. (PSE: FGEN): PhP26.25, -2.05%

Top gainers:

  1. Jackstones Inc. (PSE: JAS): PhP3.93, 15.93%
  2. Unioil Resources & Holdings Co. Inc. (PSE: UNI): PhP0.475, 14.46%
  3. Southeast Asia Cement Holdings Inc. (PSE: CMT): PhP2.50, 13.12%
  4. iRipple Inc. (PSE: RPL): PhP34.20, 7.21%
  5. Medco Holdings Inc. (PSE: MED): PhP0.65, 6.56%
  6. Omico Corp. (PSE: OM): PhP0.67, 4.69%
  7. Ever-Gotesco Resources & Holdings Inc. (PSE: EVER): PhP0.23, 4.55%
  8. Vitarich Corp. (PSE: VITA): PhP1.01, 4.12%
  9. Asiabest Group International Inc. (PSE: ABG): PhP9.35, 4.12%
  10. GT Capital Holdings Inc. (PSE: GTCAP): PhP1,135.00, 3.94%

Top decliners:

  1. Benguet Corp.  – 8% Cumulative Convertible Pref. A (PSE: BCP): PhP26.25, -50%
  2. Philippine Realty & Holdings Corp. (PSE: RLT): PhP0.53, -10.17%
  3. 2GO Group Inc. (PSE: 2GO): PhP2.42, -8.33%
  4. Filipino Fund Inc. (PSE: FFI): PhP6.51, -7.13%
  5. Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corp. (PSE: PMPC): PhP4.07, -5.13%
  6. Central Azucarera De Tarlac (PSE: CAT): PhP94.00, -5.00%
  7. Liberty Telecoms Holdings Inc. (PSE: LIB): PhP2.28, -5.00%
  8. Suntrust Home Developers Inc. (PSE: SUN): PhP1.35, -4.93%
  9. Cityland Development Corp. (PSE: CDC): PhP1.01, -4.72%
  10. Republic Glass Holdings Corp. (PSE: REG): PhP2.45, -4.67%

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