PHStocks Exclusive: Top 30 Worst Performing Stocks in May 2017

Manila—(PHStocks)—We continue our PHStocks top performers and losers list by providing you the top 30 stocks that have posted the biggest stock price drops over the past month.

Of course, there are many reasons why these stock prices fell. Profit taking, for instance, or macroeconomic factors. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that these stocks aren’t good to have in your portfolio. It’s just that, for this month, they are at the other side of our rankings.

Without further ado, here are the top 30 worst performing stocks for the month of May. (Meanwhile, if you haven’t yet already, click here to see the top 30 best performing stocks in May.)

  1. Max’s Group Inc. (PSE: MAXS): PhP18.72, -19.48%
  2. MRC Allied Inc. (PSE: MRC): PhP0.34, -19.05%
  3. ATN Holdings, Inc. “A” (PSE: ATN): PhP0.345, -17.86%
  4. ATN Holdings, Inc. “B” (PSE: ATNB): PhP0.35, -17.65%
  5. LMG Chemicals Corp. (PSE: LMG): PhP4.18, -16.06%
  6. Primex Corp. (PSE: PRMX): PhP3.88, -15.65%
  7. Macay Holdings, Inc. (PSE: MACAY): PhP25.00, -12.43%
  8. Harbor Star Shipping Services, Inc. (PSE: TUGS): PhP2.90, -12.39%
  9. First Gen Corp. (PSE: FGEN): PhP18.98, -11.72%
  10. Ever-Gotesco Resources & Holdings, Inc. (PSE: EVER): PhP0.16, -11.11%
  11. Arthaland Corp. (PSE: ALCO): PhP1.27, -10.56%
  12. Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corp. (PSE: SHLPH): PhP66.05, -10.14%
  13. 8990 Holdings, Inc. (PSE: HOUSE): PhP6.28, -9.77%
  14. Manila Jockey Club, Inc. (PSE: MJC): PhP2.26, -9.6%
  15. Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. (PSE: PIP): PhP3.35, -9.46%
  16. Philippine Seven Corp. (PSE: SEVN): PhP153.00, -8.93%
  17. Now Corp. (PSE: NOW): PhP2.60, -8.77%
  18. Manila Mining Corporation “B” (PSE: MAB): PhP0.011, -8.33%
  19. Macroasia Corp. (PSE: MAC): PhP4.46, -8.04%
  20. Century Peak Metals Holdings Corp. (PSE: CPM): PhP0.84, -7.69%
  21. Aboitiz Power Corp. (PSE: AP): PhP39.25, -7.65%
  22. Boulevard Holdings, Inc. (PSE: BHI): PhP0.086, -7.53%
  23. Basic Energy Corp. (PSE: BSC): PhP0.255, -7.27%
  24. Doubledragon Properties Corp. (PSE: DD): PhP48.50, -6.73%
  25. Leisure & Resorts World Corp. (PSE: LR): PhP3.94, -6.63%
  26. Unioil Resources & Holdings Company, Inc. (PSE: UNI): PhP0.28, -6.56%
  27. Lopez Holdings Corp. (PSE: LPZ): PhP7.20, -6.37%
  28. ABS-CBN Corp. (PSE: ABS): PhP43.00, -6.22%
  29. Trans-Asia Petroleum Corp. (PSE: TAPET): PhP2.60, -6.14%
  30. Premiere Horizon Alliance Corp. (PSE: PHA): PhP0.39, -6.02%

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