PHStocks Exclusive: Top 30 Strongest Stocks in July

As we enter the Ghost Month, it’s good to look back and see how our favorite stocks fared over the last month. Hopefully, this may guide is in our investing decisions this month.

Here is PHStocks’ top 30 list of the strongest performing stocks in the month of July 2019.

  1. Italpinas Development Corp. (PSE: IDC): PhP7.21, 48.35%
  2. PXP Energy Corp. (PSE: PXP): PhP10.14, 32.38%
  3. Arthaland Corp. (PSE: ALCO): PhP1.03, 21.18%
  4. Phinma Petroleum and Geothermal Inc. (PSE: PPG): PhP5.66, 20.43%
  5. Asiabest Group International Inc. (PSE: ABG): PhP16.08, 17.03%
  6. Mabuhay Holdings Corp. (PSE: MHC): PhP0.77, 16.67%
  7. PhilWeb Corp. (PSE: WEB): PhP4.22, 15.62%
  8. Bank of The Philippine Islands (PSE: BPI): PhP90, 14.65%
  9. D.M. Wenceslao & Associates, Inc. (PSE: DMW): PhP11, 12.82%
  10. Nickel Asia Corp. (PSE: NIKL): PhP2.53, 12.44%
  11. Lorenzo Shipping Corp. (PSE: LSC): PhP0.92, 10.84%
  12. Sta. Lucia Land, Inc. (PSE: SLI): PhP2.16, 10.77%
  13. Boulevard Holdings, Inc. (PSE: BHI): PhP0.062, 10.71%
  14. National Reinsurance Corporation of The Philippines (PSE: NRCP): PhP1.07, 10.31%
  15. Philippine Seven Corp. (PSE: SEVN): PhP149.90, 10.22%
  16. Shang Properties Inc. (PSE: SHNG): PhP3.25, 10.17%
  17. Atok-Big Wedge Company Inc. “A” (PSE: AB): PhP13.86, 10%
  18. Lopez Holdings Corp. (PSE: LPZ): PhP4.53, 9.69%
  19. DFNN Inc. (PSE: DFNN): PhP6.45, 9.32%
  20. Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (PSE: RCB): PhP30.70, 9.25%
  21. Oriental Petroleum and Minerals Corporation “A”. (PSE: OPM): PhP0.012, 9.09%
  22. Roxas and Company Inc. (PSE: RCI): PhP1.49, 8.76%
  23. Rockwell Land Corp. (PSE: ROCK): PhP2.41, 8.07%
  24. Acesite (Philippines) Hotel Corp. (PSE: ACE): PhP1.50, 7.91%
  25. Security Bank Corp. (PSE: SECB): PhP182.50, 7.35%
  26. Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc. (PSE: RRHI): PhP79.30, 7.16%
  27. Vista Land & Lifescapes Inc. (PSE: VLL): PhP7.64, 7.15%
  28. Metro Retail Stores Group, Inc. (PSE: MRSGI): PhP2.71, 7.11%
  29. Ayala Corp. (PSE: AC): PhP957.50, 7.1%
  30. East West Banking Corp. (PSE: EW): PhP12.40, 6.71%

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