PHStocks Exclusive: Top 30 Best Performing Stocks in June

Manila—(PHStocks)—It’s that time of the month again to see who the best and worst performing stocks are over the past month of trading.

For the month of June, below are the top 30 best performing stocks. (As always, the list is based on the price performance of stocks based on their closing price at the last trading day of the prior month and their closing price at the last trading day of the month in review.)

1. Philippine H2O Ventures Corp. (PSE: H2O): PhP6.21, 60.47%

2. Macroasia Corp. (PSE: MAC): PhP7.10, 59.19%

3. SSI Group Inc. (PSE: SSI): PhP4.11, 55.68%

4. Omico Corp. (PSE: OM): PhP0.70, 45.83%

5. Wilcon Depot Inc. (PSE: WLCON): PhP7.94, 38.09%

6. Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc. (PSE: IMI): PhP13.30, 29.63%

7. STI Education Systems Holdings Inc. (PSE: STI): PhP1.43, 25.44%

8. Metro Retail Stores Group Inc. (PSE: MRSGI): PhP4.59, 24.39%

9. Philippine Trust Co. (PSE: PTC): PhP141.00, 24.01%

10. Petroenergy Resources Corp. (PSE: PERC): PhP7.10, 21.37%

11. Philippine Seven Corp. (PSE: SEVN): PhP181.00, 18.3%

12. MRC Allied Inc. (PSE: MRC): PhP0.40, 17.65%

13. Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corp. (PSE: PMPC): PhP7.24, 16.77%

14. National Reinsurance Corporation of the Philippines (PSE: NRCP): PhP0.91, 15.19%

15. Crown Equities Inc. (PSE: CEI): PhP0.185, 14.91%

16. Pryce Corp. (PSE: PPC): PhP7.00, 14.75%

17. Marcventures Holdings Inc. (PSE: MARC): PhP1.96, 14.62%

18. Cirtek Holdings Philippines Corp. (PSE: TECH): PhP26.50, 14.22%

19. Concepcion Industrial Corp. (PSE: CIC): PhP85.40, 13.87%

20. Global-Estate Resorts Inc. (PSE: GERI): PhP1.25, 13.64%

21. Vantage Equities Inc. (PSE: V): PhP1.36, 13.33%

22. SFA Semicon Philippines Corp. (PSE: SSP): PhP2.34, 13.04%

23. Roxas Holdings Inc. (PSE: ROX): PhP5.00, 12.36%

24. Ginebra San Miguel Inc. (PSE: GSMI): PhP15.10, 11.85%

25. Asia United Bank Corp. (PSE: AUB): PhP55.70, 11.85%

26. East West Banking Corp. (PSE: EW): PhP28.40, 10.51%

27. Emperador Inc. (PSE: EMP): PhP7.54, 10.4%

28. A. Brown Company Inc. (PSE: BRN): PhP1.31, 10.08%

29. Leisure & Resorts World Corp. (PSE: LR): PhP4.33, 9.9%

30. Century Peak Metals Holdings Corp. (PSE: CPM): PhP0.92, 9.52%

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