PH Stocks Retreat, 6000 Remains Elusive

Manila—(PHStocks)—Philippine stocks slipped on Tuesday, 14 January, as investors unload a portion of their positions after the rally yesterday.

The Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) slid by just 5 points or nearly 0.1% to close today’s trading at 5,935.56. After Friday’s sell-off, the main index went up to 5,940.67 yesterday, before going slightly down today.

Half of the sector indices were down, while the rest were up. The Financials was the biggest losing sector, shedding 0.66%. The Mining and Oil index, on the other hand, led the gainers with a 2% increase. The wider All Shares index lost just 0.2%.

Value turnover reached nearly PhP7.2 billion on 1.43 billion shares traded. There were 73 gainers against 92 losers, while 32 stocks remained flat.

Top most active in terms of value:

  1. Bank of the Philippine Islands (PSE: BPI): PhP83.20, -0.95%
  2. BDO Unibank Inc. (PSE: BDO): PhP71.50, -0.42%
  3. Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PSE: TEL): PhP2,700.00, -0.37%
  4. LT Group Inc. (PSE: LTG): PhP15.32, 1.46%
  5. Universal Robina Corp. (PSE: URC): PhP119.50, NC
  6. Ayala Land Inc. (PSE: ALI): PhP26.40, 1.15%
  7. DMCI Holdings Inc. (PSE: DMC): PhP58.00, 1.13%
  8. SM Investments Corp. (PSE: SM): PhP708.00, -0.28%
  9. Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. (PSE: MBT): PhP74.05, 0.41%
  10. Megaworld Corp. (PSE: MEG): PhP3.44, 2.38%
  11. Ayala Corp. (PSE: AC): PhP524.00, -0.19%
  12. Globe Telecom Inc. (PSE: GLO): PhP1,716.00, 2.75%
  13. SM Prime Holdings Inc. (PSE: SMPH): PhP14.42, -1.77%
  14. International Container Terminal Services Inc. (PSE: ICT): PhP97.80, -1.16%
  15. Alliance Global Group Inc. (PSE: AGI): PhP25.50, NC
  16. Trans-Asia Oil and Energy Development Corp. (PSE: TA): PhP1.76, 11.39%
  17. Emperador Inc. (PSE: EMP): PhP10.92, 1.11%
  18. Aboitiz Power Corp. (PSE: AP): PhP35.35, -0.28%
  19. Nickel Asia Corp. (PSE: NIKL): PhP17.28, 1.77%
  20. Security Bank Corp. (PSE: SECB): PhP116.40, -1.36%

Top gainers:

  1. Anglo Philippine Holdings Corp. (PSE: APO): PhP1.89, 12.50%
  2. Trans-Asia Oil and Energy Development Corp. (PSE: TA): PhP1.76, 11.39%
  3. Dizon Copper Silver Mines Inc. (PSE: DIZ): PhP5.99, 11.13%
  4. Southeast Asia Cement Holdings Inc. (PSE: CMT): PhP1.04, 7.22%
  5. Manila Mining Corp. “A” (PSE: MA): PhP0.015, 7.14%
  6. Oriental Peninsula Resources Group Inc. (PSE: ORE): PhP1.70, 6.92%
  7. Philex Mining Corp. (PSE: PX): PhP8.90, 6.84%
  8. Lepanto Consolidated Mining Co. “B” (PSE: LCB): PhP0.405, 6.58%
  9. LMG Chemicals Corp. (PSE: LMG): PhP3.25, 6.56%
  10. Abra Mining & Industrial Corp. (PSE: AR): PhP0.0033, 6.45%
  11. Zeus Holdings Inc. (PSE: ZHI): PhP0.35, 6.06%
  12. Ever-Gotesco Resources & Holdings Inc. (PSE: EVER): PhP0.215, 5.91%
  13. Oriental Petroleum and Minerals Corp. “A” (PSE: OPM): PhP0.018, 5.88%
  14. Harbor Star Shipping Services Inc. (PSE: TUGS): PhP1.31, 5.65%
  15. Cebu Holdings Inc. (PSE: CHI): PhP5.88, 5.00%
  16. ATN Holdings Inc. “A” (PSE: ATN): PhP1.28, 4.92%
  17. Nihao Mineral Resources International Inc. (PSE: NI): PhP2.32, 4.50%
  18. Victorias Milling Co. Inc. (PSE: VMC): PhP2.14, 4.39%
  19. Philippine Seven Corp. (PSE: SEVN): PhP99.50, 4.19%
  20. Phinma Corp. (PSE: PHN): PhP12.50, 4.17%

Top decliners:

  1. Roxas and Co. Inc. (PSE: RCI): PhP3.50, -22.22%
  2. Megaworld Corp. WARRANTS1 (PSE: MEGW1): PhP1.91, -20.42%
  3. Top Frontier Investment Holdings Inc. (PSE: TFHI): PhP82.10, -17.03%
  4. iRipple Inc. (PSE: RPL): PhP10.00, -14.38%
  5. 8990 Holdings Inc. (PSE: HOUSE): PhP6.22, -13.49%
  6. Yehey! Corp. (PSE: YEHEY): PhP1.08, -10.74%
  7. Medco Holdings Inc. (PSE: MED): PhP0.215, -9.66%
  8. Federal Resources Investment Group Inc. (PSE: FED): PhP8.23, -9.06%
  9. Greenergy Holdings Inc. (PSE: GREEN): PhP0.011, -8.33%
  10. Island Information and Technology Inc. (PSE: IS): PhP0.04, -6.98%
  11. ATN Holdings Inc. “B” (PSE: ATNB): PhP1.18, -6.35%
  12. 2GO Group Inc. (PSE: 2GO): PhP1.78, -6.32%
  13. South China Resources Inc. (PSE: SOC): PhP1.00, -5.66%
  14. Manila Bulletin Publishing Corp. (PSE: MB): PhP0.68, -5.56%
  15. Oriental Petroleum and Minerals Corp. “B” (PSE: OPMB): PhP0.018, -5.26%
  16. I-Remit Inc. (PSE: I): PhP2.70, -4.93%
  17. Pacifica Inc. (PSE: PA): PhP0.04, -4.76%
  18. AG Finance Inc. (PSE: AGF): PhP2.82, -4.41%
  19. Vivant Corp. (PSE: VVT): PhP11.50, -4.17%
  20. Arthaland Corp. (PSE: ALCO): PhP0.187, -4.1%

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