PH Stocks Recover on Positive Sentiment

Manila—(PHStocks)—Philippine stocks were up Wednesday, 26 February, as investors scoop up bargains after a series of profit taking during the past three sessions.

The Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) rose by 0.43% or 27 points to close today’s trading at 6,322.6. The Industrial sector continued its climb, gaining 1.06%, while the Holding Firms sector went up by 1.04%. The Mining and Oil and Property sectors, on the other hand, each went down by 0.5%. The wider All Shares index went up by 0.41%.

Volume turnover reached 2.92 billion shares valued at PhP8.07 billion. Foreign buying was PhP4.14 billion while foreign selling reached PhP3.92 billion. There were 80 gainers against 82 losers, while 43 stocks remained flat.

Top most active in terms of value:

  1. Universal Robina Corp. (PSE: URC): PhP137.00, 2.7%
  2. SM Prime Holdings Inc. (PSE: SMPH): PhP14.38, -0.28%
  3. Alliance Global Group Inc. (PSE: AGI): PhP29.80, 3.83%
  4. JG Summit Holdings Inc. (PSE: JGS): PhP45.10, -0.11%
  5. Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PSE: TEL): PhP2,698.00, -0.3%
  6. Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. (PSE: MBT): PhP81.70, -0.06%
  7. Jollibee Foods Corp.  (PSE: JFC): PhP159.00, -0.31%
  8. SM Investments Corp. (PSE: SM): PhP704.00, 0.72%
  9. Metro Pacific Investments Corp. (PSE: MPI): PhP4.60, -0.22%
  10. Ayala Corp. (PSE: AC): PhP556.00, -0.71%

Top gainers:

  1. Ever-Gotesco Resources & Holdings Inc. (PSE: EVER): PhP0.29, 48.72%
  2. Unioil Resources & Holdings Co. Inc. (PSE: UNI): PhP0.24, 33.33%
  3. Pancake House Inc. (PSE: PCKH): PhP19.00, 24.18%
  4. Crown Equities Inc. (PSE: CEI): PhP0.093, 20.78%
  5. Medco Holdings Inc. (PSE: MED): PhP0.265, 11.34%
  6. Omico Corp. (PSE: OM): PhP0.39, 9.86%
  7. ATN Holdings Inc. “A” (PSE: ATN): PhP1.49, 9.56%
  8. Yehey! Corp. (PSE: YEHEY): PhP1.16, 9.43%
  9. AG Finance Inc. (PSE: AGF): PhP3.39, 9.00%
  10. China Banking Corp. (PSE: CHIB): PhP62.00, 5.62%
  11. DFNN Inc. (PSE: DFNN): PhP6.97, 5.61%
  12. Starmalls Inc. (PSE: STR): PhP3.56, 5.33%
  13. Manila Mining Corp. “B” (PSE: MAB): PhP0.02, 5.26%
  14. Apex Mining Company Inc. “A” (PSE: APX): PhP3.05, 4.81%
  15. A Brown Co. Inc. (PSE: BRN): PhP1.13, 4.63%
  16. Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines Inc. (PSE: PIP): PhP4.93, 4.45%
  17. Now Corp. (PSE: NOW): PhP0.395, 3.95%
  18. Southeast Asia Cement Holdings Inc. (PSE: CMT): PhP1.07, 3.88%
  19. Alliance Global Group Inc. (PSE: AGI): PhP29.80, 3.83%
  20. Philippine Business Bank (PSE: PBB): PhP23.95, 3.46%

Top decliners:

  1. Bogo Medellin Milling Co. Inc. (PSE: BMM): PhP52.00, -11.79%
  2. Oriental Petroleum and Minerals Corp. “A” (PSE: OPM): PhP0.017, -5.56%
  3. Pacifica Inc. (PSE: PA): PhP0.038, -5%
  4. Cebu Holdings Inc. (PSE: CHI): PhP5.20, -4.59%
  5. Roxas and Co. Inc. (PSE: RCI): PhP3.08, -4.05%
  6. Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc. (PSE: IMI): PhP2.61, -3.69%
  7. MacroAsia Corp. (PSE: MAC): PhP2.10, -3.23%
  8. Vitarich Corp. (PSE: VITA): PhP0.63, -3.08%
  9. Zeus Holdings Inc. (PSE: ZHI): PhP0.32, -3.03%
  10. Nihao Mineral Resources International Inc. (PSE: NI): PhP2.68, -2.90%
  11. San Miguel Pure Foods Co. Inc. (PSE: PF): PhP222.00, -2.89%
  12. Philippine Estates Corp. (PSE: PHES): PhP0.34, -2.86%
  13. Globe Telecom Inc. (PSE: GLO): PhP1,653.00, -2.71%
  14. Millennium Global Holdings Inc. (PSE: MG): PhP0.38, -2.56%
  15. Melco Crown (Philippines) Resorts Corp. (PSE: MCP): PhP12.34, -2.53%
  16. Global-Estate Resorts Inc. (PSE: GERI): PhP1.32, -2.22%
  17. Leisure and Resorts World Corp. Warrants (PSE: LRW): PhP0.88, -2.22%
  18. Filipino Fund Inc. (PSE: FFI): PhP8.02, -2.2%
  19. Philex Mining Corp. (PSE: PX): PhP8.21, -2.15%
  20. San Miguel Corporation Series “2” Preferred Shares – Subseries “2-C” (PSE: SMC2C): PhP78.50, -2.12%

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