PetroEnergy’s Wind Unit Hits 250GWh Milestone

PetroWind Energy Inc. (PWEI), the wind energy company of PetroEnergy Resources Corp. (PSE: PERC), reached the 250GWh-generation mark during the first week of January 2018. PWEI’s energy production comes from its 36-MW Nabas-1 wind facility in Aklan that started commercial operations in June 2015.

PWEI is a joint venture of PetroGreen Energy Corp. (PGEC, 40%), BCPG Public Co. Ltd of Thailand (40%), and EEI Power Corp. (20%). PGEC is the 90% owned subsidiary and the renewable energy holding company of PERC.

“PWEI has been consistently achieving its target generation over the past two years. Despite seasonal variations, the consistently good wind trends over our facility has enabled us to record above average capacity factors. As a result, Nabas-1 hit 250GWh generation milestone in only 31 months while a similar-sized plant running at typical Philippine wind industry capacity factors would have reached it in 35 to 44 months,” said PGEC Energy Trading Head Dave P. Gadiano.

“This generation milestone validates our decision in selecting Nabas for our first wind project. Not only has the indigenous wind resource proved to be consistent, so has been the support from the Aklan local government units and host communities. We are banking on this significant wind resource, reliable generation, and local support to expand our existing Nabas wind facility in the near future,” declared PWEI President Milagros V. Reyes.

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