Of Changes and Resolutions

I intended this site to be a news blog when I set this up during the last week of 2010 – the year that PNoy took his oath to become the 15th president of the country. I set up the backend (of course using WordPress – I am neither a website developer nor a designer anyway) and come January 6, 2011, I posted the first post, titled 2010 Average Inflation Falls Within Government Target.

I decided to create this site because of my burning optimism in the new government and the country. And I was right to feel that way that time. Two years on, we are now considered the “New Tiger of Asia”. Our capital market has outperformed the rest in Southeast Asia, ending 2012 on a very high note. Our GDP growth in the third quarter, for instance, was a surprising 7.1 percent – ahead of other economies in ASEAN. This is after growing by 6.4 percent and 6 percent for the first and second quarters of 2012, respectively. This year, many experts expect the country to achieve an investment grade rating from the global credit ratings agency, seen to propel the economy to even further heights. I hope for this to happen soon. And I hope that the government will continue to fight graft and corruption and continue on its good governance to be able to bring the country back into the economic light.

Okay. Two years on, I have been struggling to maintain the blog in between a day job and a moonlighting stint (to have the funds for investment). And it definitely isn’t good. I know I’ve been offering readers, or researchers or students, some bits and pieces of news about the publicly listed companies in the country. But for the past two years, I just wasn’t able to sustain the effort amid my other online initiatives – which failed drastically as well.

However, this site I would stick with and, as part of my 2013 resolutions and targets, would continue to update. On the other hand, I am implementing some changes. For instance, this will become just a pure blog, containing my commentaries on some of the latest business and economic news and trends, and the state of the capital market in the country. Of course, I would like to reiterate that I am no expert. So these commentaries are just my “outsider” view on such trends.

I would also, from now on, write on my investing decisions, simple analysis of companies I invest in, and the macroeconomic conditions that are somehow affecting these investments, or why I invest in particular companies. That will be the bulk of this site. As for the news releases and announcements of the companies listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange, they will now be transferred to this newsblog. And finally, I would not make the same mistakes again when it comes to investing.

Happy New Year!


New developments have led me to recant what I said in the last paragraph of this post. PHStocks will continue to bring the latest news, updates and developments on the Philippine stock market, with the added dose of my investing commentaries.

Thank you for your continuing appreciation of PHStocks.

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