Investing 101: UITF vs Mutual Fund vs VUL

Investing is not only for the rich. Despite uncertainty surrounding the market, it remains to be the best way to accumulate wealth—whether you’re a seasoned investor looking for your next big purchase or somebody just starting out. Of course it’s not enough that you’re willing to invest; you have to actually let your money do the work for you. You can do that by using investment instruments that best fit your lifestyle.

Budding investors with no time for actual stock trading often defer to pooled investment funds for their investment activities—and for good reason. Pooled funds allow you to get your chips in the game while avoiding the grunt work of research and monitoring. In the Philippines, the most popular pooled funds are UITFs, mutual funds and VULs. Knowing the difference between the three is key and can ultimately decide if you lose or gain from your investment.

Not yet sure how to invest your hard-earned money? Try the easy-to-use investment calculator and estimate your potential returns.

Source: Security Bank

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