Cirtek Ramps Up MultiPort, MultiBand Antenna Production

Laguna—(PHStocks)—Cirtek Holdings Philippines Corp. (PSE: TECH) has ramped up its smart antenna production and expects to ship the first 1,000 units in the next few days.

The MultiServ and soon to be SONWav antennas are being manufactured for Quintel, a leading innovator of spectrum and space-efficient base station antennas for wireless networks. Among Quintel’s major customers include two of the top 5 telecom carriers in North America.

Quintel recently expanded its industry-leading MultiServ Slimline Antennas portfolio. In addition to the 12-Port Multiband Antenna, Quintel now has 10 Port antennas, both of which come in 4, 6 and 8 foot lengths. This latest Slimline Antenna utilizes the same 12”/300mm wide form factor that all Quintel antennas use providing the industry’s only “One Size Fits All” portfolio of 6, 8, 10 and 12-Port antennas in the same single form factor. The new antenna types are being introduced into Cirtek’s manufacturing line.

Cirtek is adding new manufacturing space and increasing production capacity to support Quintel’s growing market share in North America. For 2017, Cirtek expects business from Quintel to increase by 200%. Cirtek has hired over 400 new personnel since the start of the Quintel project.

Quintel’s senior management recently visited Cirtek, further reinforcing the partnership and cooperation between the two companies.

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